Stress-Free Travel Tips for Busy Women

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If you have a trip scheduled for the holidays, these stress-free travel trips will help make the process a little bit less hectic. I’m not a big fan of travel because it disrupts my routine. But, there are times when you need to travel for business or just to see friends and family.

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Stress-Free Travel Tips for Busy Women and Their Families

Stress-Free Travel

Travel can be stressful for a number of reasons. It disrupts the patterns that you’re used to following each day. It exposes you to new people and places which can be a good thing and a bad thing. And, there is always some level of uncertainty when you travel whether that is delayed flights or traffic problems.

What causes stress will be different for everyone. Some people are afraid of flying. Other people get nervous in big crowds. Some people travel with young children. Others are dealing with chronic pain while traveling. You’ll need to be aware of your travel stress challenges and adapt these tips for your own lifestyle.

Stress-Free Travel Tips for Busy Women and Their Families

Stress-free travel tips for parents

If you’re traveling for the holidays with young children one of the most important things to do is to keep them comfortable and occupied. You will probably want to bring alone a tablet of some sort for them to play their favorite games or watch cartoons. Don’t forget a selection of finger food snacks and a sippy cup if they need one. Their favorite stuffed animal or toy will be a comfort as well.

Stress-Free Travel Tips for Busy Women and Their Families

Arrive early for your departure

Leaving extra time for potential delays is always a good idea. Make sure you plan to arrive at the airport or train station well ahead of your flight. You never know what type of potential problem might happen. It’s better to be prepared with a few things to provide travel stress relief.

Stress-Free Travel Tips for Busy Women and Their Families

Do not overpack

The more you pack, the more you have to either carry with you or check in with the airline. That leads to potential lost luggage if you check it through to your destination. Or, it results in heavier bags and larger carry-ons. Be realistic about what you need and learn to pack a capsule wardrobe.

Stress-Free Travel Tips for Busy Women and Their Families

Check in online when possible

To prevent potential problems, check in online whenever you can. Also, do not rely only on your smartphone for your boarding pass. Problems happen. It’s always a good idea to get a paper boarding pass too even if you never need it.

Stress-Free Travel Tips for Busy Women and Their Families

Prepare for security

Not everyone can afford VIP status to skip security. But, we can all be prepared.  Make sure that your toiletries are already in a plastic bag. And, that you know exactly where everything is that will need to be taken out of your suitcase or presented to security. Make sure that you’re not wearing a belt and don’t have a pocket full of change.


Relax during the trip

While I normally rely on my essential oils to relax me, it’s not a good idea to use anything scented on a flight because it can bother other passengers. Instead, I use noise canceling headphones and a travel eye mask. I find that the combination allows me to block out any flight noise and focus on staying relaxed.

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Stress-Free Travel Tips for Busy Women and Their Families

Enjoy yourself

Once you arrive, focus on the time you have at your destination. Enjoy relaxing with friends and seeing the sites when you can. Be aware that what you purchase there will need to be packed in your bags to come home. Check for flight delays before heading to the airport for your return trip. Follow these same tips in reverse on the way home.

Stress-Free Travel Tips for Busy Women and Their Families

Leave rested

While it can be tempting to push during our vacation to see all of the sites, make sure that you leave rested. Get a good night’s sleep the evening before you leave for your return flight. Pack your bags the day before and triple check that you haven’t forgotten anything in your hotel room.

Stress while traveling is probably to be expected but by following a few of these stress-free travel tips, you’ll be able to minimize how anxious you get.

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