How to Do Heavy Metals Testing at Home and What it Means

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Have you ever wondered about heavy metals testing and whether or not you can do it at home? I’ve written before about how I did a heavy metal detox and why. But, to summarize, a heavy metal test can detect the presence of potentially dangerous metals in your system.

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How to Do Heavy Metals Testing at Home and What it Means

How to Do Heavy Metals Testing

We can be exposed to heavy metals from a variety of sources including the foods we eat, the personal care products we use, where we work, and what types of things we have in our home.

Where are heavy metals stored in the body?

Heavy metals are absorbed from many different places. Once absorbed, they are stored in the kidneys, blood, spleen, brain, liver, and fatty tissues.

How to Do Heavy Metals Testing at Home and What it Means

What is a heavy metal blood test?

Just a few examples of metals that are often included in heavy metal testing are lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium. Sometimes, tests also look for copper, zinc, and aluminum. You can have a heavy metal test done with a blood sample or a urine sample. I feel a urine sample is much less invasive so that’s the route I went.

Some heavy metals testing procedures require you to get pre-approval from your insurance company and make an appointment with your doctor and then a lab for testing. If you are interested in monitoring your health for your own personal reasons, this can be more of a hassle than you want to deal with.

Thankfully, there is a way to do heavy metals testing at home without prior approval from your insurance company or involving your doctor.

How to Do Heavy Metals Testing at Home and What it Means

Heavy metals testing kit

Health Testing Centers provides a heavy metals testing kit that you can use at home. You can use this 24 hour at home urine test kit to screen or detect the presence of 22 different heavy metals plus an additional 16 nutritional metals in your body.

Health Testing Centers offers thousands of blood tests (lab testing) available direct to you. Their prices are super low for this service because it’s all cash. They do not accept insurance. There is no need to visit your doctor to order lab tests. They work with the largest FDA and CLIA approved labs in the country and have over 3500 locations where people can get tested.

Heavy metals testing urine collection

You do the urine collection for your test at home over a period of 24 hours. Keep sample in the refrigerator in a sterile container and then send the urine sample in for your test. Everything you need is provided including the cup, collection jug, gloves, tubes, pipette, and easy to follow directions. Plus, you get a prepaid UPS envelope to return your sample for testing.

How to Do Heavy Metals Testing at Home and What it Means

Heavy metal testing methods

Once Health Testing Centers receives your sample, they will do the tests. You can log into your account and find out your results. You may receive some results by a phone call when necessary. Their site is HIPPA compliant so there are no worries about privacy.

I found that the service was very easy to use and the collection quite simple. You really do get everything you need to do the testing at home and send it out to the lab. I cannot wait to see what my results reveal.

If you’re interested in doing heavy metals testing in the privacy of your home, Health Testing Centers is a great option. Right now, you can use code ELLENBLOGS and save 10% on your next order on any of their tests. Just a few other types of testing they offer are:

  • Hereditary cancer risk test
  • Adrenal stress
  • Female STD panel
  • Fertility
  • Hormone Panel Test
  • and more

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