11 Best Paleo Approved Snacks & Tips for Staying Paleo

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Check out these Paleo approved snacks. I’ve been following the paleo diet for a while now and I’ll be honest.  Some days are easier than others. I’m still tempted to eat foods that I know aren’t healthy but for the most part, I manage to stay on track. I have found that these tips for staying paleo are useful on days that are hectic.

11 Best Paleo Approved Snacks & Tips for Staying Paleo

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Paleo Approved Snacks

Not everyone in my house follows the Paleo diet. My daughter is gluten free and my husband and son follow the standard American diet. This means that there are things in the house that aren’t paleo and often aren’t healthy.  If it’s possible in your home, don’t buy non-paleo foods and if you have to, try to buy foods that aren’t your favorites. You won’t be as tempted.

Scroll down for 5 healthy Paleo snack recipes!

Meal planning is a huge help to me. I find that it’s easier to stick to the paleo diet when I plan out meals ahead of time.  That way, there is no last-minute temptation to go out for fast food or fall back on foods you ate before going paleo. Every little bit helps when it comes to willpower.

11 Best Paleo Approved Snacks & Tips for Staying Paleo

Cook a few Paleo meals in bulk and freeze them.  That way, when the rest of the family will be eating something that is not paleo, you’ll have something to heat up quickly.  A few of my favorites are chili with no beans and my paleo chicken noodle soup.

Keep healthy lunch options and snacks cut up and available at all times.  It can be tough to resist a snack sized bag of potato chips or a pre-wrapped granola bar when you’re running out the door.  Instead, make sure that you have paleo snacks prepared, cut up and ready to grab.  Always choose organic and local when possible.  

strawberries and blueberries

Here are a few of my favorite choices:

  • Strawberries
  • Grapes
  • Nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans, pistachios)
  • Seeds (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds)
  • Watermelon

Tips for staying paleo

  • Larabars (one of my favorite Paleo snack bars)
  • Carrot sticks
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Celery sticks
  • Cherries
  • Cherry tomatoes

Portable Paleo snacks

I know that if you’re on the run it can be tough to snack on fruits and vegetables. Although, grapes are definitely one of the best Paleo approved snacks on my list. But, there are a number of Paleo snacks Walmart and other places carry like Larabars, Justin’s Almond Butter Packs, and Emerald Natural Almonds and Walnuts. You may even be able to find these Paleo approved snacks at your local convenience store if you’re on the road.

a healthy salad in a black bowl

How to store your snacks

I keep these snacks in Dixie Quicktakes in the refrigerator. These storage containers with attached lids mean I don’t have to worry about matching the right lid to the right container. I can take them on the go when I’m rushing out the door and the lid is always attached.

They are cheap enough to toss away yet can be used over and over again. They’re even dishwasher safe. Of course, they are recyclable and BPA free which is very important to me. They are the ultimate convenience for any busy woman. No more time wasted searching for lost lids.

Tips for staying paleo

Once you have your refrigerator stocked with healthy Paleo approved snacks, you’ll find that it’s not as tempting to grab something you shouldn’t. I’ve even found the kids grabbing a Dixie Quicktakes full of fresh fruit on the way out the door because it’s so convenient.

plastic containers to store the best paleo approved snacks

They can see what’s in the container as soon as they open the door. Quicktakes are perfect for the Paleo approved snacks on your list and healthy lunches on the go. Since I know the kids don’t always remember to bring their snack containers home, Dixie Quicktakes are the best choice.

If you’re looking for healthy Paleo recipes, try my Paleo Cherry Crumble and my Paleo Broccoli Quiche recipes.

You can only find Quicktakes on Amazon. You get 25 in every box and they are available in different sizes. What are you waiting for?! Check out the reviews and go buy Quicktakes now! So, you can use them to store all of the Paleo approved snacks on your list.


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says
    Those containers are such a brilliant idea.  I need to stock up on those.
  2. I haven't tried the Paleo diet, but I've heard good things about it. I'm most interested in these Dixie Quicktakes. They look like my answer to lidless containers.
  3. I've been thinking about trying the Paleo diet. Now I'll have something to put my Paleo snacks in when I go to work, because I'm definitely getting myself some Dixie Quicktakes.
  4. Tiffany (Fabulous Mom Blog) says
    Those all look like snacks I could enjoy. And those containers look very useful, too.
  5. Mama to 5 BLessings says
    I have these containers too, they are wonderful! No more searching for lids!
  6. I need to get some of those containers.  They look so compact and will leave less clutter in pantry,
  7. Aimee Smith says
    These are great tips. I find that prepping everything is advance id the key to success!
  8. Amber Edwards says
    The husband is trying to eat more Paleo! So these tips would really help him stick with it. 
  9. I like your idea to cook in bulk and freeze it. That's something I need to do more often,
  10. Nancy Lustri (StyleDecor) says
    Love those containers. I can never keep my lids organized and finding a match is a needle in a haystack (hee-hee). I love all those snacks and will have to try a paleo diet (as I'm eating cheese puffs - shame on me). I did have cherries just before reaching for the puffs though. Have a great weekend!  
  11. Ann Bacciaglia says
    I love these containers. It looks like they are sturdy and can hold quite a bit of stuff. Thanks for sharing.
  12. There are a lot of snacks you can have on Paleo! I love these containers.
  13. Your PALEO snacks look just like my snacks. LOL! YUM! I love cherries and grapes for a quick snack!
  14. These containers are really so handy and take up much less space!
  15. We are stumbling a lot lately at staying Paleo, and I love the idea of these containers! We do a lot of these same snack foods, but don't tend to have them pre-prepped. Of course grapes, sugar peas and baby carrots come about as prepacked as you can get. I think these little containers would help us out though, especially for at work. You talked me into trying them out.
  16. valmg @ From Val's Kitchen says
    How neat that the lid is attached! How do they go into the dishwasher with the lid attached?
    • Ellen Christian says
      They are dishwasher safe, Val, but I don't have a dishwasher so I'm not sure exactly how you'd place them in there.
  17. CrazyMom a/k/a Melanie says
    Love the tips and your snack ideas... YUMMM.. I need to make some for the kids so they won't eat all the junk food... and those bowls are AWESOME, saw them the other day and knew I had to have them. Will replace all my old ones with these, I'm tired of loose lids everywhere or bowls missing a lid.. thanks for sharing
  18. I like these Dixie Quicktakes containers. They are small enough to stash on the go snacks. My go to snack is carrots and just love them.
  19. Thank you for these great ideas!  I live with roommates who don't eat paleo, so being able to see my snacks right away will make things so much easier when looking in the fridge!  Thank you.  :) 
  20. These are good tips. I know that I take a good long stare inside my refrig before I select. The snacks will be easier to spot...no excuses!
  21. Sally @ Good Dinner Mom says
    Great post! I just started a 21 day Paleo challenge so these ideas will come in handy. AND I just bought the Quicktakes off your link. Thanks for posting this.
  22. Taylor Greenwald says
    Hi Ellen! Great post! I like all of your snack recommendations. Some of them are my favorites! I am going to start a meal plan this week and see what I can do for my budget, so these tips are great for me. Thanks for the great post. I really enjoyed your writing.
  23. My niece has started eating this way. I was curious about it, and interested in maybe starting this myself.
  24. these are on amazon priced at 179.00... is this a joke???? would never pay that much for throw away stuff
    • Ellen Christian says
      That definitely is quite spendy! No idea why. These are quite similar and priced much more reasonably http://amzn.to/2qGIt4m


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