Peppermint Soap Recipe With Shea Butter

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If you’re looking for a peppermint soap recipe that’s moisturizing and gentle on your skin, you’re going to love this! Make it today.

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Now that the furnace is running all of the time, I’ve noticed that my skin is so much dryer than it is in the summer. Using a moisturizing homemade soap recipe is a great way to return moisture to dry skin.

Peppermint Soap Recipe With Shea Butter for Dry Skin

Peppermint Soap Recipe

This peppermint soap recipe is made using the melt-and-pour soap making method. It’s so much easier than making a hot or cold process peppermint soap recipe. It’s simply a matter of cutting the soap blocks, melting them, and adding the essential oils and colorant (if desired).

If you’re looking to learn how to make homemade soap, then I’ve got just the soap recipes for you! My collection of soap recipes is filled with unique ideas and combinations as well as several exclusive recipes you won’t find anywhere else. Not only will you be able to make soaps from scratch, but the possibilities are practically limitless. 

Do I need a soap colorant?

No, you do not need to add any colorant to this peppermint soap recipe unless you want to. If you use the melt-and-pour soap base that I’ve linked to below, your soap will be a creamy white color when you’re done.

You can add a red or pink soap colorant to change the color. Or, you can leave it as-is for white soap. It works just the same. The color has no impact on anything but its appearance.

What is peppermint soap good for?

If you’re using a soap that has peppermint essential oil rather than peppermint fragrance oil, one of the benefits is that it works as an antiseptic skin cleanser.

It has been used to treat urticaria (hives) and helps soothe itchy skin. This peppermint soap recipe can also help calm irritation caused by bug bites, blemishes, and acne.

Peppermint soap tied with ribbon

Can melt and pour soap be used right away?

Yes, one of the benefits of using melt and pour soap is that it does not need to cure. Once the soap has hardened, you can use it immediately.

If you want to gift this peppermint soap recipe, I would recommend you wait at least 24 hours before you wrap your soap to allow it to dry completely. But, if you’re using it yourself, you can do that immediately.

Tea tree and peppermint soap recipe

If you’re using this peppermint soap recipe to help treat blemishes and acne, you might want to add a few drops of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is an anti-fungal that can also help manage skin blemishes and acne.

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Materials needed for this homemade soap

You may be able to find these supplies at or check out these links.

how to make this soap recipe

How do I make this soap recipe?

  • Remove the soap base from the container and cut it into pieces.
  • Place in a microwave-safe container and heat according to package directions.
  • Once the soap is melted, work quickly as it will begin to harden immediately around the edges of the bowl.
  • Add 10 drops of essential oil and stir to blend.
  • To color the soap, add a soap colorant to reach the desired shade.
  • Stir to blend.
  • If the soap has begun to harden, reheat in the microwave for about 10 seconds.
  • Pour melted soap into the molds and allow soap to rest for at least 45 minutes before moving.
  • If you’re looking for a peppermint soap recipe that’s moisturizing and gentle on your skin, you’re going to love this! Make it today. When the soap is set, remove it from the mold and package it for gifts.



Other soap recipes

Making homemade soap is relatively easy when you use a melt-and-pour soap base. It really only takes an hour or two to make a big batch of this peppermint melt and pour soap recipe.

And, it makes a useful pampering gift for the holidays. After all, you can always use more homemade soap especially when it smells this good! You’ll want to keep a few bars for yourself if you’re gifting this.

More uses for peppermint essential oil

I love peppermint essential oil. It’s one of my most commonly used essential oils. You can use it for many different reasons including body care, natural cleaning, and diffusing. This peppermint soap recipe is just one way you can use essential oils in your beauty routine. You can also use it in body scrubs, bath bombs, shower melts, or any other DIY beauty recipe you make. For the most part, essential oils are interchangeable in soap recipes.

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