Easy Soap Making | Orange Flaxseed Soap

Years ago, before I started blogging, I had an online craft website and sold my crafts at farmer’s markets and craft fairs. I enjoyed it for the most part but found that making large quantities of crafts all at once just wasn’t something I enjoyed. I still love crafting and easy soap making was one of my favorite things to do. This post contains affiliate links.

Easy Soap Making | Orange Flaxseed Soap

Easy Soap Making | Orange Flaxseed Soap

I have always been fascinated by soap making even as a child after reading the Little House on the Prairie books. I considered traditional soap making when I started doing craft fairs but working with lye wasn’t really something I was interested in experimenting with especially with young children at home. Thankfully, there is an easy soap making alternative called melt and pour soap base.

Basically, you aren’t really making the soap from scratch. You are taking a large block of soap base, melting it, adding fragrance and add ins and then pouring it into a mold to solidify back into soap. Generally, there are a few different types of melt and pour soap base. I have worked with both glycerin and shea butter base.  Glycerin is typically clear. Shea butter based is typically white or cream colored, but there are a lot of variations. I have also seen hemp, soy and goat’s milk soap base.

Easy Soap Making | Orange Flaxseed Soap


  • Melt and pour soap base
  • Electric soap kettle or glass bowl & microwave
  • For this soap, I use the essential oil Wild Orange by DoTerra. The amount you use depends on quantity and type of oil. This is a very handy fragrance calculator.
  • Soap mold. I use a plastic soap mold that molds the soap into a bar shape. You can use a silicone muffin pan if you don’t have a soap mold.
  • 1 tbsp grated orange peel
  • 1 tbsp flaxseed (for exfoliation)


  • The soap base can be melted in the microwave if you use one or in an old crock pot or electric soap kettle. Each type of base is different so follow the directions on the package you buy.
  • After the soap base has been melted, you can add the essential oil of your choice. I don’t use fragrance oil since they are artificial and can cause allergies. The type of essential oil I use varies depending on my mood.  Add the oil and stir it in.

Easy Soap Making | Orange Flaxseed Soap

  • Add in the additives and immediately pour the liquid soap base into your molds. Do not wait or stop stirring or your additives may sink to the bottom of the mold. You can give them a gentle stir in the mold to redistribute a bit if you need to. You can sprinkle extra on top. I use flaxseed and grated orange peel in this soap.
  • Place the mold in the refrigerator or in a cold area of your home until it sets. I leave mine overnight in the refrigerator. Gently flex the soap mold so the soap pops out.
  • If you plan on wrapping your soap, allow it to set out and dry for at least 48 hours before your wrap it. I store mine as is in between sheets of parchment paper or wax paper.

I find the orange scent from the essential oil to be very uplifting. The orange peel is added simply for visual appeal.  The flax seeds are added for exfoliation when using the soap. If you wanted to, you could add an equal amount of poppy seeds instead. Here are a few more easy homemade soap recipes to try.

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Easy Soap Making | Orange Flaxseed Soap

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  1. Ahhh, that must smell divine! I adore the scent of oranges, it's so fresh and invigorating, especially in the dreary winter months. I need to try making these, you'd save so much money versus buying them, the ones I usually purchase are so pricey! 
  2. Jennifer Williams says:
    I am going to try this out but will be adding an essential oil or two.  I love making things myself and knowing what goes into them but soap has been one thing I have not conquered yet.  Love this recipe.
  3. I had no idea it could be this easy? I always avoided the soap making because it seem so involved. I like the idea of making my own soaps like this - I can scent them the way I like and yours look so pretty.
  4. Wow, that looks great! That soap kettle looks just like a rice cooker...makes me wonder if I can use it as a soap maker. 
  5. Sounds like making soap isn't too hard to do.  Thanks for sharing how to do it.  I like that it's cheaper than buying soap in the store.
  6. Jennifer Rogers says:
    I love this post and I bookmarked it. I have always wanted to make soap and now I will!
  7. My daughter just received a soap making kit and if she likes it, this would probably be the next step for us.
  8. Very cool that that you can make soap. The soap machine looks just like my rice cooker.
  9. Are there different qualities of base? Any particular one that you would recommend? Thanks so much!
    • I really like the glycerin shea butter soap bases. They are very moisturizing and make a great soap. I've found that the brand names are pretty much the same. Thanks for stopping by!
  10. I've been wanting to try soap making for quite some time. Thanks for sharing (:
  11. Soap making is on my learn to-do list for this year. We would love it if you would join us for Funtastic Friday, a blog hop at olives-n-okra.com.
  12. Ooooh this looks amazing! I've always wanted to try my hand at soap making and it somehow always seemed so much harder than this!


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