How to Use a Terra Cotta Diffuser

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I love essential oils and use them regularly especially since I’ve discovered how great a terra cotta oil diffuser is. Check out these tips for using a clay diffuser.

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Tips for using a terra cotta oil diffuser with essential oils. Great way to manage stress and get the various health benefits of aromaterapy.

Using a Terra Cotta Diffuser

I honestly thought that I had tried essential oils in every way possible, but I had never heard of the terra cotta aromatherapy spheres for diffusing oils. With aromatherapy, different essential oils are used to improve your mood, help you focus, manage different illnesses and improve your health.

I use aromatherapy primarily to manage my moods and stress levels, but they really can be used in a lot of different ways. I’ve tried diffusers that use steam and those that blow the scent through the air.

I’ve added essential oils to bath products and used them with carrier oils.  I recently ordered a few terra cotta stones to diffuse oils with and I have really been enjoying the results.

Portable diffuser

Most diffusers aren’t all that portable because they need a power source like electricity or a set of batteries. You can get the benefits of aromatherapy by adding essential oils to your bathtub or using them with carrier oils but you really need to be at home to do this.

 I wanted an option that I could use when traveling and running errands that didn’t generate a lot of waste or require an energy source. Check out this one.

Why my terra cotta oil diffuser is the greatest thing ever

What is a terra cotta diffuser?

A terra cotta oil diffuser is a porous piece of clay that is used to release the scent of various essential oils into the air. When the essential oils are dripped onto the terra cotta stones, the scent is absorbed into the pores of the stone.

The oils then slowly evaporate and release the scent of the essential oils throughout the day. For the best results, simply add one drop per day to the terra cotta stones.

It will continuously release fragrance throughout the day no matter where you place it. You can set it on your desk at work and then bring it upstairs to place it near your bed. You can bring it in the car and take it on the plane with you.

Check out this one.

How to change oils in a stone diffuser

I purchased several terra cotta stones so I can enjoy different scents depending on my mood. However, if you want only one stone, just wait two or three days for the scent to completely evaporate before switching to a different type of essential oil.

You can purchase a different shaped terra cotta oil diffuser for each type of scent to keep track of what oils you use where. Or you can purchase stones with different symbols on them.

Why My Terra Cotta Oil Diffuser is the Greatest Thing Ever

It is possible to purchase a terra cotta oil diffuser that has a hole in the top for a string in case you’d like to hang it near you rather than place it flat. If you do place it flat, be certain to place it in a small dish to prevent staining the surface underneath with the essential oils.

Check out this one.

Here are a few oils you might want to try:

  • Basil Holly – Enhances clear thinking
  • Blood Orange – Helps eliminate tension
  • Clary Sage – Uplifting
  • Orange – Calming
  • Peppermint – Headaches
  • Rosemary – Stimulates clear thinking
  • Vanilla – Relaxing

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  1. I'm still looking at which diffuser to get so this is helpful. I don't want something that uses electricity or batteries, so this may work. They seem affordable in a set. I'll try to find one I can purchase before I get a set. Any info on best places to get these (singe or set) would be appreciated. I found this particular set on Amazon.
      • I found the set on Amazon and I do like them but I wish they had a hole in them like the one I showed above. That would have been very handy!

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