Make A Healthy Breakfast: Turkey Breakfast Burrito Jar

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Do you struggle with how to make a healthy breakfast on busy mornings? I try to make a healthy breakfast for everyone in the morning.  During the week, this can present a challenge.  The kids have to rush off and don’t have time for a sit-down breakfast.  It’s not easy to grab a bowl of oatmeal as you’re heading out the door.  I want to be able to make a healthy breakfast that’s also portable and delicious.  I don’t generally buy breakfast pastries.  While they are portable, they are rarely healthy. A piece of fruit, while healthy, isn’t really very filling for breakfast. This post is brought to you by the Mushroom Council and Global Influence. Product has been provided. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Make A Healthy Breakfast: Turkey Breakfast Burrito Jar

Make a Healthy Breakfast

One of the ways that I make a healthy breakfast for the kids and myself is by making high protein breakfasts like this burrito jar.  The kids can grab theirs to go on the way to school.  I can sit down and enjoy mine with a cup of coffee.

When you’re making these burrito jars, make sure you add in some extra veggies. I chose mushrooms, salsa, peppers, and onions. Mushrooms are very affordable, always in season and it’s a great way to get an extra serving of vegetables into the kids without them noticing what I’m doing. Mushrooms are a natural source of vitamins D and B and a rich source of antioxidants.

Turkey Breakfast Burrito Jar
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  • 1 egg per person
  • butter
  • sausage
  • mushrooms
  • green peppers
  • onions
  • salsa or fresh tomatoes
  • black beans


  1. Fry the turkey sausage in a bit of butter to prevent sticking.
  2. Remove from pan and add to your jar.
  3. Layer the following.
  4. Sauteed mushrooms, green peppers, and onions.
  5. Salsa or fresh tomatoes.
  6. Scrambled eggs.
  7. Black beans.

I skipped the grains and dairy in these, but if you want, you can always add quinoa or brown rice and sprinkle some cheese on top. It’s all up to you. Choose mild or hot salsa or toss in fresh tomatoes in the summer from the garden.

Make A Healthy Breakfast: Turkey Breakfast Burrito Jar

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  2. This sounds so good yet simple. I must substitute something else for the mushrooms though - For some reason, I don't eat them at all :)
  3. I love everything about these burritos! In this house, they're more likely to show up on the "brinner" menu, though. Thanks for the post.
  4. My idea of a healthy breakfast has always been not eating poptarts :) I might need to kick it up a notch. Thanks for the idea. 
  5. These look so good!  I absolutely love mushrooms.  Don't tell - I might add a bit of crumbled bacon in there, too!

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