Planting Your Garden In The City

Last Updated on August 21, 2020 by Ellen Christian

Planting your garden in the city is a lot different than planting your garden in the suburbs or the country.  People in the city have much less space to plant their gardens. They often cannot go out into the backyard and dig up a patch of ground to plant their garden.  When you live on the eleventh floor of a skyscraper, your gardening space is limited.  Even people with small plots in the city, may only be able to garden in their immediate front or back yards. Other things to consider are the different microclimates you’ll find in the city.

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Planting your garden in the city

Planting Your Garden In The City

That said, with the price of produce increasing daily in the grocery store and more and more concerns about the safety of our food supply, growing your own food is becoming more and more popular. Several of the summer camps in our area have the children work in a vegetable garden.  Even our local elementary school has a small area set aside for several grades to grow vegetables. While Marty and I have several acres of land at our home, due to physical limitations, we now garden in containers for our vegetables.  Container gardening works well for urban, suburban, and country gardens.

If you’re considering planting your garden in the city, I would recommend that you read Urban Gardening for Dummies.  While there are a lot of gardening books available, there are many aspects of gardening that are specific to those that live in an urban area.  Urban Gardening for Dummies discusses things like:

  • The basics of urban gardening including the benefits and the various microclimates
  • Gardening basics such as soil, fertilizers, and a how to explanation for planting your garden in the city
  • Places and ways to garden in the city including outdoor rooms, containers, rooftop gardens, vertical gardens, apartment gardens, and community gardens
  • Growing plants in the city, annuals and perennials, trees, lawns and ground covers
  • Weeding, mulching, watering and controlling pests
  • Garden tools, gardening with children, and sustainability of an urban garden

Urban Gardening for Dummies is the perfect book for someone wanting to learn about planting your garden in the city or anyone who has limited gardening space.  The Dummies series of books is easy to read and written for a beginner.  Scattered throughout the book are helpful tips that are marked on the sidebar to make them noticeable. Also included in the book is an index, table of contents and contents at a glance to make locating each topic very easy. There are a number of helpful drawings and charts throughout the book when necessary.

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  1. When I lived in a city apartment, I always had a container garden on my patio. Even now when I am in the country, I like having my herbs in containers out on the screened porch.
  2. We don't live in the city, but with limited yard I'm very interested in container garderning. Last year made a small raised bed. This year adding a flower one for The Girl.

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