How to Show Mom You Care on Mother’s Day

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When you think of how to show mom you care on Mother’s Day, what do you think of first? Each year, I try to come up with something that my Mom will appreciate. She is not the easiest woman in the world to buy for, so this isn’t as easy as you might think.

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She doesn’t wear perfume or makeup or jewelry. And, she is always trying to lose weight so I don’t want to buy her food she shouldn’t eat. She’s very picky when it comes to clothes and accessories. Some years, it just seems impossible.

How to show Mom you care on Mother's Day

How to Show Mom You Care on Mother’s Day

My parents have been focusing on downsizing this year, so the last thing that I want to do is to add to the clutter issue. That eliminates most of the ornamental or decorative Mother’s Day ideas that I’ve seen. The one thing that my Mother truly loves is her plants. She has a library full of the most beautiful Christmas Cactuses and other plants that I’ve seen. I have never visited at a time when they haven’t looked gorgeous. She has a real green thumb for house plants.

Mom with a special antique quilt
My Mom at a quilt show we attended

I received a beautiful Graceful Gardenia from that would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift for anyone who loves flowering plants. The gardenias smell so good when they bloom. The gardenia plant came in a gorgeous, vibrant blue and pink vintage container. The gardenia plant arrives in bud form, ready to bloom with fragrant white flowers and is available in 6”H or 4”H. This is a lovely way to show mom you care on her special day.

How to show Mom you care on Mother's Day

Show Mom you care with a gardenia

When I received the gardenia plant, it was a perfect condition, and it had so many buds just waiting to blossom. I read over the care instructions so I would know just how to take care of it and in just a few days, the buds started to open. I could smell the gardenia fragrance as soon as I walked into the room.

Showing mom you care is easy with a beautiful gardenia plant

Once the buds are gone, depending on your zone, you can plant the Graceful Gardenia outside in your garden, and it will come back each year. Since I’m in zone 4, my gardenia will live inside with me since it wouldn’t survive the cold temperatures. If your Mom enjoys plants, she may also like the Love You Mom Cala Lily. It’s pink and comes in the cutest pot!  That’s a great way to show mom you care.

Beautiful gardenia on a table

Gifts for mom

Not everyone has a green thumb, so if your Mom (or you) just aren’t good with houseplants, has beautiful cut flowers as well. The Floral Embrace has the freshest roses, lilies, and sunflowers in a classic cylinder vase. The colors are so vibrant, and it’s such a gorgeous flower display. Show mom you care by bringing her fresh-cut flowers.

Sending your Mom flowers on Mother’s Day is the perfect way to show her you care. You can use coupon code New15 to save 15% off your order of select Mother’s Day Favorites.

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14 thoughts on “How to Show Mom You Care on Mother’s Day”

  1. I just love the idea of a live plant like this beautiful gardenia over cut flowers. I am sure your mom was thrilled. 
  2. My father is a BIG plant person too- I wonder if they some nice plant options I should consider for Father's Day? We use 1800Flowers all the time to ship gifts from one coast to the other- I think living gifts are so special!
    • They have lots of plants, Jenna. I think a man would appreciate a money tree, a gardenia bonsai plant or even a succulent garden!
  3. This looks like a beautiful flower and it is definitely a great gift any mom would appreciate!  Happy Mothers Day!
  4. Gardenias are a great way to give flowers that keep on giving. I always hate giving cut flowers because they die and then they are left with nothing. With a gardenia they can plant it and watch in bloom every year. This year I am giving my mom a new kitchen faucet because she won't buy one but think I might just add a new plant to that gift also.
    • I agree with you about plants instead of cut flowers. I always prefer a living plant. Of course, a faucet might be cool too!
  5. My mother's favorite flower was the gardenia. I gave her a similar plant one year. I miss her still even though she's been dead close to 20 years now. Happy Mother's Day to you!

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