Gift Ideas For Expecting Moms

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Are you looking for gift ideas for expecting moms? Check out these expecting mom gifts if you’re looking for something they will truly love.

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A friend of mine is expecting her very first baby and I’ve been trying to think of some gift ideas that she’d really enjoy. I want to get something for her and not for the baby even though I know she’ll certainly enjoy both. So many people will get her a gift for the baby that I think she’ll appreciate having something that’s just for her.

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Gift Ideas For Expecting Moms

So, what are some good gift ideas for expecting moms? A lot really depends on the woman and her interests. If she’s concerned about weight gain, you may want to avoid giving her candy or other types of food gifts.

Buying her clothes may prove difficult since you’re not really sure what her post-baby weight will be. One of the things that I most wanted while I was expecting was to feel pampered. I wasn’t sleeping well and was uncomfortable toward the end of my pregnancy. Here are a few gift ideas for expecting moms you might want to consider.

Body Pillow

If you have ever tried to get comfortable and get a good night’s sleep while you’re pregnant, you’ll understand how much a body pillow will be appreciated. I really like this body pillow because it is made of memory foam and has a washable bamboo cover. It’s also hypoallergenic which is really important to me. This really helps support your stomach which makes sleeping much easier as you progress in your pregnancy.

Gift Box

There are lots of small gift ideas that expecting moms would enjoy. You can buy one ready-made (I like this one) or put together your own. A few ideas of things to include are herbal tea, body butter, moisturizing socks, a naturally scented candle, and a sleep mask. You can also make a linen spray to help her drift off to sleep at night.

Gift Ideas For Expecting Moms They'll Really Love

Pregnancy Journal

Depending on how far along she is in her pregnancy, she may enjoy a pregnancy journal. She can record how she feels, what changes she notices in her body, and all of her thoughts. It’s a wonderful memory to look back on in future pregnancies or as your child grows up. This is one of my favorite gifts for first-time moms.  Check it out here.

A Glider Chair

I loved rocking my babies to sleep at night but I can tell you right now that many traditional rocking chairs are pretty darn uncomfortable. Instead, a glider chair is padded, large enough to be comfortable, and has a much smoother back and forth movement.

Comfortable Shoes

After having my first child, I started having more backaches. Whether it was because I didn’t sleep as well or spent more time on my feet, I’m not sure. But, I can tell you that a good pair of comfortable shoes is an absolute must. I’m a huge fan of Dansko and Vionic.

Looking for something homemade? Why not make a pregnancy journal?

What other gift ideas for mom to be would you like to receive?

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  1. My sister is due a few weeks before Christmas, and I've been thinking about what to get her. Some things I'm considering are:

    a lovely scarf, hat, or shawl (these will fit regardless of her post-birth weight)

    some delicious healthy snacks, like fruit from Harry and Davids

    baby items that are more "luxury" than "necessary"--I'm planning on giving her a baby wipes warmer, for instance

    some high-quality, delicious smelling shampoo (I'll probably go with Aveda Rosemary-Mint)

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