Relaxing Gifts for Mom

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Looking for relaxing gifts for mom? Look no further for everything you need to give mom the very best Mother’s Day she’s ever had.

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Looking for relaxing gifts for mom? Look no further for everything you need to give mom the very best Mother's Day she's ever had.

Relaxing Gifts for Mom

What better way to show mom how much you care than giving her a gift that helps her relax? Stress relief is something that almost every mom will appreciate. Don’t forget your mother in law while you’re thinking about relaxing gifts for mom.

Remember, the most relaxing gift will be one that your mom appreciates. So, keep in mind what her interests are when choosing.

What should I get my mom when she’s stressed?

Many thoughtful and creative relaxing gifts can help your mom relax when stressed. Here are some great gifts for moms to help them relax or promote relaxation overall.

a person having a romantic massage with oils


Mom can never have too many massages! Treat her to a day at the spa, or if you’re on a budget, give her a gift certificate for a massage at a local salon.

A massage can work well to target pressure points and help with pain relief for those that deal with chronic pain. It’s also a wonderful way to forget about the daily grind.

This can be the perfect gift if a few mom friends get together for a day of relaxation at the spa.

A day at the beach

Does your mom love the beach? Give her a day to relax and enjoy the sun and sand with a beach bag full of her favorite things. Include a big towel, sunscreen, a good book, and snacks and drinks.

Mothers Day Treat Box from Seven Sisters Scones

Homemade scones from Seven Sisters

If she’d prefer, take her on a picnic. Don’t forget a picnic blanket and a hamper filled with her favorite snacks. These Cinnamon Roll Scones from Seven Sisters Scones are a great gift idea for anyone with a sweet tooth.

If she doesn’t have a sweet tooth, you can order a box of their Bacon, Cheddar, and Chive Scones. There are also vegan and gluten-free options for those with special dietary preferences.

Order a box so the whole family can enjoy them. They have a subscription box so you can sample and enjoy a variety of different flavors.

Seven Sisters Scones are the perfect complement to a Mother’s Day gathering.  They are handmade in Georgia and shipped fresh nationwide. Their flavors are decadent and include Apple Caramel Scones, Double Chocolate Brownie, and Fig and Goat Cheese. 

Don’t forget to add a box of tea. Chamomile and lavender both have a calming effect and help with stress.

a woman with sleep apnea asleep

A new pillow

Help mom get a good night’s sleep with a new pillow specifically designed for comfort. You can find pillows made of memory foam or latex to help her sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed.

These pillows from Cushion Lab are super soft and make an ideal gift with a pair of cozy pajamas. She’ll drift off into a peaceful sleep in no time at all.

beauty products on a shelf over the tub

Relaxing bath products

Give mom the ultimate relaxation experience with a gift basket full of bath items. Include a nice smelling soap, body wash, and bubbles. Add a loofah or bath pillow for extra pampering.

Add a few spa products and create a self care basket. I just love these dead sea salts. They are perfect for dry skin and to improve blood circulation. These matcha masks are on my list of relaxing gifts this year.

Add some of mom’s favorite bath bombs, soaps, and scrubs. Don’t forget a few candles and maybe a nice robe, and she’ll be all set for a relaxing at-home spa day.

Have you tried making your own bath bombs yet? Homemade gifts are some of the best gifts.

woman holding a yoga mat

Yoga classes

If your mom is always on the go, help her relax and de-stress with yoga classes. She can find a class specifically designed for beginners to learn at their own pace.

If she’s new to yoga, she’ll probably appreciate a new yoga mat and a pair of leggings to get started. This can be the perfect gift for mom if she wants to get more active.

Manicure and pedicure

Treat mom to a day of pampering with a trip to the nail salon. She can get a manicure, pedicure, and maybe even a massage if she feels extra indulgent.

Self care is so important, and a manicure is the ultimate way to relax after a long day.

5 gifts of relaxation to give this year

A day off on Mother’s Day

Sometimes, the best gift you can give mom is a day to do whatever she wants. Give her a day to sleep in and enjoy a quiet day in her own home. Every Mom deserves some relaxing time to herself.

Self care gifts don’t have to be physical. A day to herself may be just what she wants.

a box of doterra essential oils

Essential oils

Lavender oil is great for relaxation and sleep, while eucalyptus oil can help clear congestion. Put together a little kit with some of mom’s favorite essential oils, along with a diffuser so she can enjoy the benefits all year round.

This is one of my favorite essential oil diffusers. Make sure that you get a copy of my diffuser blends list so you can create your own relaxing essential oil blends from natural ingredients.

A meditation app for stress relief

If your mom is always on the go, a subscription to a meditation app can help her find some peace and relaxation whenever she has a few minutes free.

There are many great options, so do some research to find your mom’s perfect one. This is one of my favorite relaxing gifts for moms. I use mine all of the time.

A sound machine

If your mom has trouble sleeping, a sound machine can help her relax and drift off into a peaceful slumber. Choose from relaxing sounds like rain, waves, or even white noise.

A sound machine is perfect for helping lull you to sleep after a long day. A good night’s rest is so important for mental health.

Grey Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamp

These unique lamps have many benefits, including reducing stress and improving sleep. They make a great addition to any relaxation space. I keep mine in the bedroom.

Himalayan salt lamps are supposed to help eliminate negative ions. They make a great gift for any mom who could use some relaxation in her life.

Nebula Genomics Kit

This fun kit can help your mom learn more about her heritage and health. It’s a great way to connect with her past and learn more about her ancestors.

DNA Kits are all the rage right now. They make great gifts for any mom who loves history or is curious about her roots.

Bible journal supplies

A journal

This is the perfect gift for any mom who loves to write or needs a creative outlet. A journal can help her express her thoughts and feelings and be a great source of stress relief. I use mine for Bible Journaling.

Journals are such personal gifts. I love giving journals as gifts because they can be used in many different ways. Your mom can use hers to write, draw, or even keep track of her thoughts and feelings.

Now that I’ve shared a few relaxing gifts for mom, which is your favorite? Remember that these gifts make a relaxing gift for Mothers Day; they make great Christmas gifts to spread some holiday cheer.

Looking for relaxing gifts for mom? Look no further for everything you need to give mom the very best Mother’s Day she’s ever had.

Relaxing gifts for mom

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  1. Oh goodness, my house is completely torn apart as we are packing for our move. A clean house for mother's day? Well that would be a dream come true! I'm so tired of my messed up house. 
  2. A clean house would make the most perfect gift! I would just love that gift basket!! I love practical gifts!!
  3. Most moms I know would definitely take a clean house for a Mother's Day gift! When someone asks me what I want for a gift, I usually say "a maid". 
  4. I totally, totally agree... I would like to sleep in, wake to breakfast in bed, come out about 3pm and NOT find the house a wreck from my staying in my room watching Netflix all day. HA
  5. I absolutely would prefer a clean - a really clean - house over anything else for Mother's Day! I'd even settle for a gift certificate for a maid service!
  6. Love 3M products but I would like for someone to come clean my home for me using these products! LOL!
  7. I would totally appreciate a clean house! Especially someone that would clean my windows and blinds. I let the sunlight in and saw all the dust today! Yuck!
  8. Um, yes!!! Yes, yes, yes! I totally want to hide in my room (or maybe the tub) while the house magically gets cleaned for me!! 
  9. hahahah I sooo wish for a clean house.. my hubby does clean, BUT you know mom's clean different, we clean on top and behind the fridge and all those little places no one really looks..So wish I could get a deep cleaned house and I can sit on the couch and relax..
    • No they definitely don't clean like we do. Mine doesn't clean much at all but sometimes I get lucky.
  10. A clean house is probably one of my biggest wishes! I would love it if my kids and husband cleaned the house for mother's day. Sadly, I doubt it will happen. :(
  11. I am so with you on this. I have been a Mom for quite a few years myself and waking up to a sparkling clean house would be a dream.
  12. i would weep if i came down and things were ALL done.  and then i would dance and sing and maybe make a big mess! LOL

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