Forget Flowers for Mother’s Day: 6 Alternate Gift Ideas

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It’s almost that time again, but forget flowers for Mother’s Day this year. Even though they look gorgeous for a day or two, before you know it, they will wilt and die. Instead, try a few of theses alternate gift ideas for Mom. 

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Forget Flowers for Mother's Day: 6 Alternate Gift Ideas


Forget Flowers for Mother’s Day

I love tulips and carnations as much as the next woman, but they just don’t last. Instead of spending $50 on a bouquet of flowers that will be gone in less than a week, invest your time and money into something that mom will really appreciate.

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Gourmet coffee

What busy mom wouldn’t appreciate a box or bag of her favorite gourmet coffee. The first thing I reach for in the morning, after my phone, is my Keurig and my recyclable K-cups. I get them here.

After that, I take the time to brew a few cups with my French Press. Whichever type of coffee mom enjoys, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to treat her.

Forget Flowers for Mother's Day: 6 Alternate Gift Ideas

Earth-friendly candles

There is nothing more relaxing at the end of the day than a cup of herbal tea and a candle. Don’t pick up one of those artificial candles at the grocery store.

Instead, buy your mom an earth friendly candle that is scented with essential oils. She will think of you every time she lights it.

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Homemade gifts

There is no rule that says you have to spend money at the store for Mother’s Day. Instead, why not make her a gift?

I’m sure she would appreciate a few bars of homemade soap, a loaf of homemade bread and your homemade jam, or a jar of bath salts. The important thing is that you put your time and energy into the gift.

Grey Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamp

If your mom is into natural living, she may appreciate a Himalayan salt lamp. Not only is it a gorgeous accent, it helps expel negative ions which some feel helps with stress and helps keep your lungs clear.

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Meal delivery service

One of the ways that I make it through a busy week is by relying on a meal delivery service. I choose the meals I want and they send me the ingredients and a card that tells me exactly how to prepare it.

I don’t need to shop or meal plan. It’s all right there for me. Forget flowers for Mother’s Day, give her meal delivery instead.

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Your time

As my kids get older, it’s harder to see them as much as I’d like to. I would love to meet them for lunch one afternoon or even a coffee date to spend time together. Make a date with your Mom and give her a few hours of your time.

Forget flowers for Mother’s Day and try one of these alternative ideas instead.

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  1. A Himalayan salt lamp would make an excellent gift; I keep one in my computer room burning all day to diminish the effect of negative ions.

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