How to Improve Your Wardrobe With Shoe Organization Tips

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Shoe organization is something I’ve been giving a lot of thought to lately.  I have a slight addiction to shoes, and although I have gotten rid of quite a few pairs, I know I probably still have more than I need. I love being able to choose from a variety of styles and colors each day, so I don’t plan to get rid of anymore unless they wear out. That means that I need to implement a few shoe organization tips to keep everything in control. Now, I’m not suggesting that you keep more shoes than you’ll actually wear. These tips will help you improve your wardrobe by becoming more organized and taking an honest look at the shoes you have. 

How to Improve Your Wardrobe With Shoe Organization Tips

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How to Improve Your Wardrobe With Shoe Organization Tips

The first step in this process is to bring all of your shoes to one central location. That means that you need to grab your boots from near the front door, your shoes that you stashed under the couch and your slippers that you kicked off on the side of the bed. Don’t forget the shoes you wear for gardening and the flip flops you have with your beach gear. Bring them all together. I put them all in the center of the bedroom floor.

The next step is to match them up and organize them by type. Put all of the boots in one area and all of the sandals in another. Have you found some that don’t have matches? Are there any that are missing? Now take a good look at what you have left and use these shoe organization tips to get started.

  • Only keep what fits. That should be common sense but I have a few pairs that actually don’t fit perfectly but they are super cute so I don’t want to get rid of them. If they make your feet hurt or give you blisters when you wear them, get rid of them.
  • Get rid of anything in bad condition. If it’s scuffed, has a loose sole or is no longer wearable, toss it. I kept one old pair of sneakers for yard work.
  • Eliminate what you won’t wear. If you have a pair of boots with 4″ heels and you have a bad back, be realistic about whether they’ll ever be worn. Pass them on to someone who can use them.
  • Like with like. When possible, keep similar styles of shoes together. If you know you want flip flops and they are all in one place, it only takes a second to grab the right color.
  • Handle with care. It’s probably not that important that your grass-stained tennis shoes are handled with care. However, if you happen to have a pair of $100 Coach sneakers, be certain they are protected, off the floor and away from harm.

How to Improve Your Wardrobe With Shoe Organization Tips

Because I have a small closet, I use a variety of different types of storage. I have a hanging organizer that I put evening bags and clutches in as well as my high heels and all my Coach shoes because I want them safe from harm.  I leave anything large – like my boots – in their original boxes with the packaging in the boot to keep its shape.  I put all my flip flops and foldable shoes into cute little buckets.  It keeps them all in one place and off the floor. If you have shelves in your closet, you can arrange your shoes that way as well.

Once you know exactly how many pairs of shoes you have and which ones you will realistically wear, you will be able to put an outfit together much easily. By using these shoe organization tips, you won’t have to worry about your good shoes being scuffed or damaged because they aren’t stored properly. One glance will show you whether you already have shoes that will go with your new outfit or not.

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10 thoughts on “How to Improve Your Wardrobe With Shoe Organization Tips”

  1. These are very useful tips for organizing my shoes. I do need to go through everything I have to make sure I declutter.
  2. I could not tell you how many shoes I have, they seem to be all over and multiplying all the time! These are some great tips, I really have to get my closet together. 
  3. I am not generally a shoe kindof girl but I definitely have a few pairs that need to get tossed or sent to the thrift store. Great tips!
  4. I wish I had the problem of how to organize my shoes! Having giant feet it's always been hard for me to find shoes that fit that I like.
  5. These are great tips! I'm not obsessed with shoes but I do have a good collection! lol. The ironic part is the husband won't let me get rid of the PRE-BABY high heels! lol. If I could get him to agree to that I'd eliminate half the shoes in my closet! ha! 

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