How to Have a Teen Beach Party this Summer

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This post on how to have a teen beach party was inspired by a product provided for review. Finding party ideas for teenagers isn’t easy.  You don’t want to do something that’s too young for them but you still want the party to have a theme to help with decorating and snack ideas. When I received the Disney Teen Beach Movie DVD, I knew this would be an amazing party idea for teenagers.  These suggestions on how to have a teen beach party are all fairly simple.  You don’t need to buy special ingredients or decorating supplies. You can make as few or as many as you’d like depending on how many people you will have over.

How to have a teen beach party

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 How to Have a Teen Beach Party

Since I wanted this party to have a more adult feel, I didn’t go crazy with decorations and printables.  I did use this printable Life is a Beach since I thought the teens might appreciate the mixed meaning. If you have a younger crowd, print off this Beach Scavenger Hunt printable from Mindfully Frugal Mom for them to enjoy.

Teen Beach Party Menu

  • Tuna salad pinwheels in seaweed (spinach) sandwich wraps.  Slice and hold together with toothpicks if you need to.

How to have a teen beach party

  • Deviled egg boats. I used squares of scrapbook paper cut into sail shapes. You can use a triangle of pepper, a tortilla chip, or paper flags.

How to have a teen beach party

  • Octopus Dip.  OK, it’s really ranch dip with a pepper cut to look like an octopus is coming out of the dip. Use olives for the eyes.

How to have a teen beach party

  • Chips and beverages that your teens enjoy.

Teen Beach Party Supplies

  • White, blue or yellow tablecloth, napkins, and plates to look like white sand, blue water, and yellow sun
  • Scatter seashells randomly around the tablecloth.


  • Fun beach themed music to set the mood.
  • Disney Teen Beach Movie on DVD for their viewing pleasure.

It’s not easy finding movies for pre-teens and teenagers that they will enjoy and that’s appropriate at the same time.  Disney Teen Beach Movie is definitely one of those movies.  Two surfers are living the good life until a rogue wave magically transports them to a classic 60’s beach party movie.  Like any good teen movie, there’s rivalry between two opposing “gangs” (bikers and surfers), romance, comedy and of course music.  Disney Teen Beach Movie is full of laughs and definitely something that teenagers will enjoy.  If your teens enjoy musicals like Grease, they will definitely love the music and dancing in Teen Beach Movie.

When I was planning how to have a teen beach party, I knew this would be the perfect movie and I was right. The DVD also includes exclusive behind the scenes rehearsal footage of 7 musical numbers.

Teen Beach Games

Most Teen Beach games will require a pool or access to a beach or even a river bank. You’ll want to collect beach balls, pool noodles, and sand toys to have a giant sand castle competition. If you have a large open area, a game of beach volleyball is always fun. Here are a few more party game ideas for kids.

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  1. Dana Rodriguez says
    The octopus dip is adorable!
  2. Kristin Wheeler (Mama Luvs Books) says
    Wow! Looks like fun party ~ and not just for teens!! =)
  3. My daughters would love a party like this. Very creative. Those tuna wraps look SO GOOD!
  4. Love the party treats - very cute and unique. Even if the kids didn't want this party - I would do it because it's fun!
  5. LOVE this idea!! My daughter & her friends would have loved this!!
  6. Melanie S. says
    Cute ideas...I think my non-teen friends would like them too!
  7. Tiffany C. (Fabulous Mom Blog) says
    I like the octopus and lettuce wraps. What a cute set up. We watched this with my almost 6-year old a few weeks ago when it first aired. What a cute movie. 
  8. Texas Mom Blogger says
    I love all the themed food ideas! It all looks delicious :)
  9. my daughter loves this movie. She would get a kick out of a party like this!
  10. Ask Ms Recipe says
    Love your ideas for party food.
  11. Jeremy Norton says
    These are so cute food ideas.  The Octopus dip is my favorite.
  12. Maryann D. says
    I love the Tuna salad pinwheels and all the wonderful food creations.  This is a great idea for a fun day for teens.  They will enjoy the movie and all the fun.
  13. really, REALLY cool ideas! i love it!
  14. What a cute party idea! My kids LOVE that move. It actually kind of reminds me of the old beach movies with Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon. I used to love those movies. :-) I love that octopus too!
  15. I love the red pepper octopus. I have to pin it now!
  16. The deviled egg boats and octopus dip are so cute! Love this idea! 
  17. These are pretty adorable.. Love the octupus dip.. because it was red, it made me think crab or lobster =) hehe
  18. WOW, you did an AWESOME job, I'll come to any of your lol the octupus dip is freaking
  19. Dawn @ Pin-n-Tell says
    Such cute and creative ideas!  Your creations could be used for any Summer themed celebration :) Thanks for including your party idea in our round up pin party :) We have a new theme every Friday!  I'm off to pin these fab ideas...

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