Disney Themed Party For Mulan with these Easy Party Ideas

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A Disney themed party for Mulan can be lots of fun for children of all ages (and even adults).   Mulan is my favorite Disney princess.  She’s strong, resourceful and courageous and these are definitely attributes that I admire.  

Disney Themed Party For Mulan with these Easy Party Ideas #partyideas #Mulan #disneyparty

Disney Themed Party For Mulan

When my daughter was younger, she wasn’t interested in the typical princess items.  If it was pink, flouncy and adorable, she wanted nothing to do with it.  To this day, she re-watches the Mulan and Mulan II movies and she is almost twenty years old.

If you aren’t familiar with the story of Mulan, she is a Chinese girl that learns her old, ill father is going to be drafted into the Chinese army to defend against the Huns. She knows that her father would die if he joined so to save him, she disguises herself as a boy to take his place. She doesn’t know it but her ancestors are aware of what she’s trying to do and they aren’t impressed.  They order a tiny little dragon called Mushu to stop her from doing this.

Disney Themed Party For Mulan with these Easy Party Ideas

Of course, being a Disney princess movie, there has to be a bit of a romantic ending as well.  In Mulan II, Mulan is now engaged.  She and her fiance, Shang, are preparing for their wedding. Before they can get married, the Emperor assigns them to go on a special mission.  Mulu does his best to drive the two apart, they are attacked by Mongolians and the fate of China is in question. Check out these Mulan party ideas.

Disney Themed Party For Mulan with these Easy Party Ideas

Menu Ideas

There are a variety of Chinese food recipes you can make for the dinner or lunch portion.  I’ve included a few links below to dishes that sound amazing to me. For the beverage, green tea is delicious.  If your party is for children, you can add milk and honey to the green tea if they’d prefer.

Snacks can include oranges, fortune cookies, and cashews which are typically eaten at Chinese New Year parties and will give your party an authentic feel. Of course, you’ll also want to let the kids eat with chopsticks if they want to. Check with a local bakery about a Mulan birthday cake.

Chinese lanterns


Red and gold are ideal for decorations.  Consider red tablecloths, napkins or placemats.  Check a thrift store for oriental fans, gold napkin rings, Chinese lanterns, or candle holders. Dragons are a popular theme in many Chinese stories and since Mushu is an adorable little Chinese dragon in Mulan, any dragon printables or dragon crafts would be appropriate for a Disney themed party for Mulan. You can get a Mulan birthday banner right here.

crab rangoon

Recipe Ideas

hand holding a remote control


Of course, everyone will want to watch the Mulan movies at the party so make sure that you have copies of these DVDs on hand for the kids to enjoy. Try a game of pin the tail on the dragon if you’re looking for a little bit of active fun for the kids to enjoy.

Mulan birthday party supplies

You will probably want to send the kids home with a few party favors. So, you can put together a goody bag with red plastic bracelets, fortune cookies, Mulan stickers, Chinese finger traps, and a few plastic gold coins.

Finally, do you have any other ideas for a Disney themed party for Mulan?

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  1. i made teriaki how ever u spell that lol wit tootsie rolls on sticks everyone loved it made cany shushi had a candy table with fortune cookies scatered all around i made all the party favors iy vame oit so beautifull
  2. I loved Mulan, but I had no idea there was a Mulan II. Someday I hope to have a girl so I can have parties like this!
  3. Great list of recipes!  Thanks for adding my homemade fried rice to the list. :)  Mulan is a favorite in our home!
  4. Asian is my favorite type of food, so I'm really excited to check out all of those recipes! Thanks for including mine on the list :)

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