Little Mermaid Crafts for Your Next Beach Themed Party

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Little Mermaid crafts can be anything ocean or beach related.  Make a few of these beach themed crafts today as decor or for your next party.

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little mermaid crafts

Little Mermaid Crafts

What images come to mind when you think of mermaids? I think of seashells, the beach, the ocean, fish, sharks, jellyfish, sand and all sorts of other things.  

The Little Mermaid is by far one of my favorite Disney movies. As a matter of fact, I still cry when I hear the song “Kiss the Girl.” My daughter is 20 and still watches The Little Mermaid.

Of course, she’s a huge Disney princess fan so that isn’t surprising.  Anyway, on to the mermaid party crafts. There are two crafts I’m going to feature.

I found the idea for this mermaid craft on the Spoonful site.  This is something a younger child can work on to create their own Little Mermaid. I’ve also included links to a mermaid craft kit below.

Make a Mermaid


  • Foam sheet in green
  • Wood doll pins – otherwise known as old-fashioned clothespins without the spring
  • Yarn or embroidery floss
  • Green paint to match the foam sheet as closely as possible
  • Purple, black and red fine tip markers
  • Glue

little mermaid crafts

  • Paint the bottom two-thirds of the doll pin green and let dry. Use tape to create a straight line where the green paint ends.
  • Draw on a purple bikini top on the top one third using the marker.
  • Trace the tail using this template. Cut out and insert into the bottom of the doll pin. Add a bit of glue if necessary.

little mermaid crafts

  • Glue the yarn or embroidery floss to the *head* to resemble hair and allow to dry.
  • Draw on the eyes and mouth using the black and red fine tip markers.

make a seascape bottle

Make a Seascape Bottle

This is a craft that you can do or you can supervise an older child when they do it. I set mine on the entertainment center with a candle so I can pretend I’m at the beach on those stressful days.


  • Glass bottle with stopper or screw on lid. Make sure it can easily lay flat on its side without rolling.
  • Tiny seashells. Make sure they are small enough to fit inside the mouth of the glass bottle you are using.
  • Decorative sand.  I chose brown to mimic real sand but you can get creative and use whatever color you want.


  • Pour enough sand into your bottle so that when you lay it on its side, the sand covers the bottom completely.
  • Very carefully push the seashells into the bottle.  You may need to tip it slightly to get them positioned properly. I moved mine around with an unfolded paperclip until they were where I wanted them.
  • Put the top back on the bottle, close your eyes and pretend you are at the beach.

little mermaid crafts

If you enjoyed these Little Mermaid crafts, here are a few more Little Mermaid party activities to inspire you:

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  1. Hi, what size bottle for the beach bottle craft? Where can I get that exact bottle from. Having a hard time finding it. Thanks!
    • The bottle is about 4 1/2" in length. I found it at Michael's originally but I have no idea if they still have them.
  2. Love the seascape bottle! We have a beach themed bathroom and lots of shells we've collected. I think I'll make one of these. 
  3. I love how easy the clothespin mermaid is to make- and cute too! I have 3 girls so anything mermaid related is always a big hit. And The Little Mermaid is a favorite Disney movie around here.
  4. Now this is a great idea for a Mermaid/Under the Sea themed party! I like personally doing party favors and loot bags for my daughter's parties and this is one good option for me in the future.
  5. The Little Mermaid has always been my favorite Disney movie! These crafts be great to do with my daughter when she's older.
  6. Hi Ellen, your little mermaid craft is adorable and would be a fun craft to do at a party or for at home with the kids. Have a nice day. Julie

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