Gifts for Foodies – Culinary Herb Garden Craft

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Check out these herb gifts that will delight every foodie on your list this year. My favorite option is a live culinary herb garden with their favorite herbs.Gifts for foodies

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Herb Gifts for Foodies

Many of the people on my gift giving list love to cook.  Finding gifts for foodies can be challenging.  They enjoy cooking and baking from fresh, natural ingredients.  

The last thing I want to do is buy them something already prepared or something that is loaded with preservatives. Giving gifts of fresh ingredients can be a challenge though.

 It’s not easy to give fresh fruits, vegetables or meats as a gift because they do not stay fresh very long. One alternative is to give the gift of a culinary herb garden.

A culinary herb garden is one of the best gifts for foodies because it is fresh, can be used in a variety of ways, and with just a little bit of sun and water will last a long time. When I give the gift of herbs, I focus on herbs that grow easily inside.

A few examples I have used in the past are basil, chives, peppermint and parsley.   It is generally easiest to start with plants purchased from the garden center but you can start them from seed if you have the time.

To make this a bit more personalized, I took a basil plant that I purchased from the grocery store and re-potted it.  The little plastic pot that the basil plant came in was rather ugly and I wanted to brighten it up a bit with a personalized pot.

Culinary Herb Garden Craft


  • Clay pot with bottom to collect water
  • Acrylic paint and paint brush
  • Rainbow polymer clay
  • Letter polymer clay mold
  • Tacky glue
  • Basil plant (or other herb of choice)


Gifts for foodies


Gifts for foodies

  • Mold the polymer clay in the mold to make the letters of the herb you are planting.  Air dry or bake according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Gifts for foodies

  • Paint the rim of the clay pot with the acrylic paint and allow to dry completely. You can paint the entire pot if you want to.
  • Glue the polymer clay letters onto the rim of the clay pot and allow to adhere completely.

Gifts for foodies

  • Re-pot the herb into its new pot and water. Trim the plant to fit the pot, add more soil if necessary and remove any damaged leaves.
  • If the person you are gifting the plant to is not familiar with growing their own herbs, you can include a card with care instructions.

What type of herbs would you choose to put in your culinary herb garden craft?

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  4. Ellen, this is so cute and such a great gift idea. I have family members who would love this. Earlier this summer, I bought a peppermint plant, and wowsers, it is growing like crazy. Thanks so much for sharing on Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring in next week's issue.
  5. Ellen - you have one of the most visually pleasing blogs I've seen on the internet, you've done a great job! And although I'm not a foodie I always appreciate your tips. Keep up the good work! Frank (bbqboy)
  6. Hi Ellen, this is such a great gift to give for the food lover. You did a great job. Julie from
  7. What I great idea! I love growing my own herbs and think this would make a wonderful gift. I really like the colourful clay letters :)  
  8. Love the letters, totally awesome, it's items that need to be baked like glass painting & clay that I'm afraid of, but this is cute, very tempting to try.
  9. Very cute!  I was actually able to grow some Basil this year, it was easier than I thought...hadn't thought about gifting it though!  Great idea!  Pinned and Tweeted!

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