How to Get Organized with Wonder Hanger

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Today I’m sharing how to get organized with Wonder Hanger. Check out my DIY Wonder Hanger tips for organizing your closets.

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How to Get Organized with Wonder Hanger Today

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How to Get Organized with Wonder Hanger

We live in an old 1865 farmhouse and while we love our house, one of the challenges we face is a lack of closet space. I especially notice this problem when I’m trying to get organized for back to school time.

All of a sudden, I have summer clothes and back-to-school clothes and what that means is an overflowing closet that is totally unmanageable! 

Now I’d love to be able to totally re-do my closets so they’re larger or even go out and get one of those closet makeovers. Honestly, though, who has the money to do that in today’s economy?

What I need is a cost-effective, easy solution that will give me more room and help me be more organized.

You need these space saving hangers if you are trying to organize your closets.

How to Get Organized with Wonder Hanger Today

What is Wonder Hanger?

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Wonder Hanger. The Wonder Hanger is a cascading clothes hanger organizer that lets you stack your clothes vertically instead of horizontally. Each Wonder Hanger holds five wood, metal, or plastic hangers.

Each package contains eight Wonder Hangers. One package of Wonder Hangers ($9.99) is enough to organize 40 items! You will have so much more room.

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I really like the Wonder Hanger for several reasons.  First, it gives me tons more room in my closet so my clothes are easier to find and they don’t get all wrinkled for being shoved in too tightly. 

Second, it stops the hangers from getting all tangled up which then results in things falling off their hangers onto the floor. Third, it’s a very affordable solution.

Fourth, it’s very sturdy and easily held my jeans and hoodies!

So, you can purchase Wonder Hangers from many retailers including Walmart, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and CVS. Or, you can find them at

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