How to Organize Scarves

Do you know how to organize scarves? One of my goals is to reduce the clutter in my home and get more organized. The more things that I have, the more time that it takes me to clean them. A bureau that’s clear takes less time to dust than one that’s covered in stuff. If your bureau drawers are stuffed full, your clothes become wrinkled, and it takes you longer to find the item you’re looking for.

How to organize scarves


How to Organize Scarves

One of the first projects that I’m tackling is to clean out a few drawers in my bureau. I cannot fit all of my clothes and accessories into my bureau anymore, and that means endless piles of clothes on the chair and the blanket box. That means I cannot sit in the chair or open the blanket box to put the blankets away. It’s a never ending cycle of clutter that I need to deal with.

The first drawer I opened had a bunch of scarves shoved into the corner.  I never think to add a scarf to my outfit because they are buried in the bureau.  When I do think of it, I cannot find the scarf I want to wear.  I’ve seen some organizing products made specifically for scarves, but I wanted something that I could do relatively inexpensively.  I also wanted something that I could keep in my closet but get to easily. We don’t usually hang things on the wall because many of our walls are the old lathe and plaster style.

The last time I was clothes shopping, I remember seeing a scarf display that was made of circles on a rod.  The scarves were easy to see and were draped so that they did not fall on the ground.  Since I didn’t want to add a rod, I decided to use a clothes hanger instead.  The circles had me stumped for a minute. I needed to be able to attach them to the clothes hanger easily and have them move freely. I realized that shower curtain rings would work just fine. If you don’t have shower curtain rings, you could attach them with clothespins, but that might leave a crease in your scarf.

When you hang your scarf, just use a simple hitch knot to attach loosely each scarf to its own ring.  You could use this same type of organization project to organize belts or even your husband’s ties.  What are you organizing this week?

How to organize scarves easily


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  1. I love this idea! My scarves are always hanging around all over the place. I'll have to tell my sister. I think she got a dozen scarves for Christmas this year. She needs this idea too!
  2. Ellen,I LOVE this idea!!  I only have a handful of decorative scarves in the house, but often forget to wear them.  It's amazing how a little piece of lightweight fabric can help me feel warmer, too.
  3. This is such a great idea~ I have so many scarfs in my drawer, I forget what I have sometimes! 
  4. Such a great idea! I have all my scarfs on a coat hanger, but not with the cool bath curtain rings. That is brilliant. Much easier to organize them and not have them constantly falling off the coat hanger. 
  5. I am embarrassed to admit that mine are balled up in a drawer right now. I need to do this!
  6. What a great idea!! I don't have many scarves, but this is definitely a creative way to organize them.
  7. I really love that idea, it's so practical! I only have a few scarves and they're thrown in my underwear drawer. This would keep them from getting all wrinkled!
  8. So simple and smart! Love it!
  9. That is a great idea. I am always having to dig around to find my scarves. This would be so much easier. 
  10. I love this idea. My daughter has tons of scarves. Thanks for the awesome tip. 
  11. I love this idea. I have coat lockers in a back room for everyone in the family. I usually hang my scarves in there and coats and jackets are hung on top of them. I don't know what I have! Love this idea!! Thanks! :)
  12. I love scarves! I have so many. What a great idea I will definitely have to try it out. Thanks so much for the idea.
  13. This is the smartest thing I've ever seen - for real.  Definitely pinned this, and plan to make one for Ashley as she has a TON of scarves.
  14. Whoa, using shower curtain rings is sheer genius! I'm totally doing this. Thanks, Ellen!
  15. genius. and so cheap!
  16. This is an awesome idea. I will do this!
  17. why have i not thought of this?  it's such an easy idea. my 8 year old is a little fashionista and is newly obsessed with scarves. i may have to make this with her
  18. My two teens LOVE scarfs and starting to get a collection now. I am going to have to show them how to do this.
  19. I would love to also try this with belts! I never know what to do with my belts.
  20. This is a great idea! I also have some scarf hangers that I picked up from Ikea that hold 12 scarves.
  21. This is an excellent idea! I am going to try this with my scarves.


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