How to Add Closet Space to a Small Bedroom

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Our home was built in 1865 and if there was one DIY project I could do, it would be to add closet space to a small bedroom. We have three bedrooms in our home. But, the smallest bedroom has no closet which is a definite challenge.

How to Add Closet Space to a Small Bedroom

How to Add Closet Space

So, if you’re wondering how to add a closet to a small bedroom, you might be thinking about hiring a carpenter and cutting holes in your wall. But, instead of figuring out how to build a closet in a bedroom, I have an easier solution for you.

How to add closet space to a small bedroom

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How to build a closet in a small bedroom

So, what you really need is a section of your wall devoted to rods, drawers, and shelves.  This space will let you add closet space to your bedroom without physically cutting into your home’s structure. Once you have this devoted space, you easily organize your clothes and accessories.

The most important thing to keep in mind when creating any type of organizing system is that you need to keep it contained.  By anchoring a closet system to the wall, you will have one central location to call your closet. 

a drawer of folded shirts

Closet ideas

There are several different features of a well-organized closet. When you add closet space, you will want a rod so you can hang your clothes hangers. And, you will probably want a top shelf for boot boxes, blankets, and other items that you don’t use frequently. It may also be helpful to have a few drawers to organize smaller items like scarves, gloves, or intimates.

If you’re wondering how to add closet space for a small bedroom for a child, you may want to consider dual rods at two different levels. This will allow your child to access some of their clothing on a lower level. And, as they grow up, they will have space that can be used on two levels.

If you’re wondering how to maximize hanging space in a closet, this is the best option. Pants and skirts can be folded which will allow you to hang clothes on two levels.

How to Add Closet Space to a Small Bedroom #closets #closetdesign

Closet Organizer DIY System

One of the easiest ways to add closet space is by using a DIY system from EasyClosets. You can choose the elements you want in your closet whether it’s rods, shelves or drawers. And, you can choose how large or small you want the space to be. 

Because they anchor to your wall, you can easily use this whether you’re trying to figure out how to transform a shallow closet or add closet space to a small bedroom. It works in existing closets or can be added to wall space. You have so many different options using this closet organizer tool.

How to Add Closet Space to a Small Bedroom

How to add closet space with EasyClosets

  • Choose whether you want to design your own closet or have them design one for you.
  • Pick the area you want to create a closet for.
  • Choose the shape and the dimensions of the closet.
  • Enter the details and what you’ll be anchoring the closet to.
  • Add colors, hardware and the elements you want.
  • Place your order for your new closet system.

a small bedroom with bed, window and side table

Of course if at any time during this process you have questions or want personalized help, you can get it. They’ll even review your closet design before you place your order. If you want to add closet space to a small bedroom or any other place in your home, this is the easiest way to do it. Their helpful staff will be there with you for every step if you need it.

Learn how to design a beautiful closet with EasyClosets. You won’t believe how easy it is to add closet space using their services.  And, you can get 5% Off Your Order at EasyClosets with Code: CLOSETS165.
Storage Solutions for the Bedroom in a Small Home

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