Frugal baking choices

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Mornings in Vermont are often cold in the spring, fall and winter. Heck, sometimes in the summer mornings are still cold! I won’t put the furnace on past April 15 in an effort to conserve oil/wood so that leaves us chilly in the morning.

Once of the solutions is to bake muffins for breakfast first thing in the morning. It heats up the kitchen because I leave the door open when I’m done cooking and it gives us a nice, warm breakfast.

I hate cleaning out muffin pans so I used to use quite a lot of those paper baking cups to bake the muffins in. I have found the neatest alternative. You can use silicone baking cups to bake the muffins in! You re-use them over and over again. Just wash them in between uses. Not only that but the muffins just pop right out of them!

They cost about $8 for a set of 12 silicone muffin cups. Bed Bath & Beyond has them in stock and if you use one of their 15% off coupons you can save even more. If you don’t get their coupons, just go to their site and sign up for their mailing list and about once a month they’ll send you coupons and a flyer.

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