Fun Ways To Exercise at Home When It’s Cold Out

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Finding fun ways to exercise can turn something that’s a chore into something you look forward to.  I am not into doing the same thing day after day and week after week.  I am definitely not going to a gym so everyone can watch me look silly while I exercise.  I’m not known for my grace and coordination. 

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Fun Ways To Exercise at Home When It's Cold Out

Fun Ways To Exercise

I like to be able to have a lot of different fun ways to exercise so that it keeps me interested in staying in shape. Since our winters are so long, I was looking for something that I can do inside when it’s too cold out or the weather isn’t good. There have to be a few fun ways to exercise at home, right?

Fun workout programs

You can probably find some fun workout programs on YouTube or on an exercise channel on television. The best workout program is one that you’re going to actually do regularly. So, keep in mind what you consider to be fun. It will be different for everyone. If you enjoy dancing, I really recommend this DVD because it is loaded with Broadway musical songs like Born to Hand Jive and We Go Together from Grease. It’s one of my favorite fun ways to exercise.

a jump rope and blue towel

Fun exercise games

If you have a game system, there are lots of fun ways to exercise. You can try Zumba, ExerBeat, Just Dance, or BoxVR. Or, if you want a game that isn’t based on a game system, one of these fitness dice can change up which exercise you do and in what order. Check out these exercise routines by personality type. Learning what you enjoy may help make exercise a bit more interesting.

Games that are really workouts

Think about when you were younger for a few minutes. Chances are that you probably had no issues with going outside and running around. Why? It was probably because you considered that to be fun. You just need to find that fun again now that you’re an adult.

Fun ways to exercise at home

Here are a few fun ways to exercise that are childhood games. A few of them will need to be done outside unless you have a big empty room. So, just bundle up and go outside.

dog carrying a blue frisbie

Ways to exercise at home

You can do any of the exercises that I mentioned above at home. There’s no need to head to the gym or jump in the car. If you want a few more ideas for fun ways to exercise, it really depends on what you enjoy doing.

yoga mats and a yoga block

I really enjoy yoga because it can be more about stretching, balance, and health rather than sweating and burning calories. I also love hiking. And, since we have two acres of property, I can go for a long walk in the woods when I want to exercise. If it’s cold, I just add layers.

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I also have an exercise bike. So, I turn on my favorite playlist that’s upbeat. And, I just ride. Sometimes, I will put the television on and watch a movie. It’s surprising how long you can bike when you’re really into a movie. You don’t have to push yourself until you can’t breathe. Just keep those legs moving up and down.

a yellow balance ball on a green yoga mat

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, why not try a balance ball? There are all sorts of exercises you can do with it. And, they even make balance ball chairs for people who spend a lot of time at their desks. It’s great for strengthening your core.

Best fun ways to exercise

Hopefully, a few of these suggestions will get you in the mood to exercise. There are a lot of fun ways to exercise. But, the key is to find the type of exercise that you really enjoy. Grab a friend or the kids or your husband. And, try one or two of these ideas and see which one interests you enough to do it a few times a week.

Fun Ways To Exercise at Home When It's Cold Out

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