Stay Motivated to Exercise & Walk Out

Last Updated on September 12, 2020 by Ellen Christian

This has been a really crazy week for me and I admit that exercise has been at the bottom of the list of things I am motivated to do. Everyone is sick. I am super busy at work. The house is starting to look like a hurricane blew through. I need a break and some me time fast. For my health and my sanity, I need to stay motivated to exercise.

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Stay motivated to exercise and walk out

Stay Motivated to Exercise & Walk Out

It’s not easy to stay motivated to exercise when you’re busy. If you’re like me, you put everything else before your own health and well being. Shopping, cooking, cleaning, kids, husband, work, etc… then exercise. Sometimes you just need to “walk out” on your responsibilities and put you first!

While it’s tempting to put off exercise and taking care of yourself, you really cannot take care of all your other responsibilities unless you take care of yourself first. If you’re feeling rundown, tired and are out of shape, how will you keep up with kids and everything else you need to deal with? I’m not talking about training for a marathon, although if you want to run a marathon, go for it! I’m talking about taking steps each day to be active.

Stay motivated to exercise and walk out

Walking is the easiest way for me to stay active. When the weather is nice, I love walking around our neighborhood. I love looking at the flowers and enjoying nature even if it is covered with snow. I bring my camera along and take pictures of whatever inspires me. When the weather isn’t as nice, I still try to walk more. Sometimes that means up and down the stairs at home or parking at the back of the parking lot when I go out.  It’s more steps than I would have gotten otherwise.

I like using a fitness tracker when I’m exercising. It helps me stay motivated to know how many steps I’ve taken and how close I am to my goals but I want something easy to use. The Omron Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker (HJ-327T) is a small, powerful and affordable activity tracker. It lets you to transfer your fitness data wirelessly to your smartphone with the free Omron Fitness App.

Stay motivated to exercise & walk out

It features Bluetooth® Smart technology and the Alvita Wireless Tracker records regular steps, aerobic steps, distance and calories burned so you can set realistic goals and check progress along the way. The tracker is only $45, perfect for women not wanting to spend a ton of money on a fitness tracking device.

Right now, Omron is encouraging people to “Walk out on Wednesdays” or any other day to take some steps to get in shape.  This is a great way to stay motivated to exercise. Schedule some time with a friend, pick up the tracker, download the app and “walk out” for a while and get some exercise! It’s easier to stay motivated to exercise when you walk with a friend.

Here are a few more fun ways to exercise. And, learn more about how you can exercise at home.

Stay motivated to exercise & walk out #walkoutwednesdays