How to Throw a Peter Pan Party

This post on how to throw a peter pan party was inspired by a product provided for review. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

One of the best parts of childhood is letting your imagination go and learning to pretend. One of the best movies of all time for pretending is Peter Pan. These suggestions for how to throw a Peter Pan party would work wonderfully for a younger child or for anyone who wants to pretend for just a little while longer. I tried to keep the costs reasonable for this Peter Pan party.   You can make as few or as many of these ideas as you’d like depending on how many people you will have over.

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How to Throw a Peter Pan Party

You can purchase decorations for your party if you like. I prefer to make my own or use printables instead.  I framed this free printable pirate map in a frame that was painted bright yellow to match the party colors. If you have younger kids at your party, you can print off these free printables too:


  • Pirate ship hot dogs.  Just fold a sheet of paper over almost in half and put a skewer through the hot dog so it looks like a boat sail.

how to throw a peter pan party

  • Goldfish crackers.

How to throw a Peter Pan party

  • Sugar cookies.  Decorate with a frosting  or cover with sprinkles to match your color theme.
  • Cupcakes.  You can top with cupcake toppers or leave them off.  My thanks to Ronni at Sassy Girlz for her amazing cupcake frosting help. Check out her site for tons of ideas.

how to throw a peter pan party

  • Bottled water to drink.  You can print out these cute bottled water printables in a pirate theme or leave them plain. If you don’t like the waste aspects of bottled water, buy matching re-usable water bottles and decorate those.
  • Pirate Pizza.  Decorate a store bought pizza to look like a pirate face.


  • Tablecloth, plates and napkins in purple, green and yellow to match the colors in Tinkerbell’s and Peter Pan’s clothes.
  • Add seashells near the pirate themed food and glitter near the Tinkerbell themed food.

Costume ideas

  • You don’t need to dress up but if you do, check out these cute costume ideas.
  • Dress up as Mr. Smee at your Peter Pan Party!


  • Have the kids make their own pirate swords to play with.
  • Enjoy a sandbox treasure hunt and let the kids find buried treasure
  • Make this cute magic wand to display or as a gift.


  • There are a number of different Peter Pan and Tinkerbell movies available to watch.   I highly recommend Return to Never Land by Disney.

If you watched the original Peter Pan, you will remember Wendy.  Return to Never Land takes place in London during World War II.  Wendy is all grown up now and comforts her children by telling them stories about Peter Pan. Danny (the youngest boy) believes the stories but Jane (his older sister) does not. Jane is a very practical and logical girl and has problems believing the stories are real.   Captain Hook kidnaps Jane, who he thinks is Wendy, because he knows Peter Pan will come save her.  Return to Never Land is the story of Peter’s attempt to save Jane and the problems he has because she does not believe.  In the middle of all this, Tinkerbell starts to lose her light and she may lose it permanently if Jane cannot start believing in fairies.

Return to Never Land is available for purchase on Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy Combo Pack nationwide beginning August 20, 2013. If you like this post on how to throw a Peter Pan party, follow my Party Ideas board on Pinterest for more ideas.

Do you believe in fairies?

This post on how to throw a peter pan party was inspired by a product provided for review. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

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  1. While I'd really really like to believe in fairies--I'm not 100% sure they exist--but I will tell you I LOVE LOVE the hot dogs that look like sailing ships!! very very cool--love all the party ideas!! I can use them for a pirate party too :) Ahoy!
  2. I love this. I especially like how you turned the hot dogs into boats. So creative and adorable.
  3. What a fun party idea!! I love the hotdog ships!!
  4. wow this looks so cute I am going to share this link with one of my friends who owns a party planning place
  5. What cute ideas! I love how you made the hotdogs look like sailing ships. Something so simple yet so fun! Your ideas are always so creative Ellen.
  6. How adorably cute and creative!!! Love the Pirate Ship Dogs :)
  7. the pirate ship hotdogs are adorable!
  8. How fun! My kids would love this. Especially since we dressed up as pirates one year for Halloween. I'll have to duplicate this for them when we get the DVD.
  9. so adorable - peter pan gets left out a lot lately! my nephews would love this 
  10. This is so cute. We love anything Peter Pan related. I believe :)
  11. Keely Hostetter says:
    I love this idea! Hot dog ships are so cute. My boys would love this. Thanks
  12. We are doing a pirate-themed party for my son's birthday later this month. I wish I had seen this post earlier -- the hot dog/pirate ship idea is too cute! We are doing chicken nuggets and referring to them as "gold nuggets". We are doing Goldfish too!
  13. How adorable! Peter Pan was always my favorite as a child.
  14. Karen Glatt says:
    The Peter Pan birthday party ideas are so cute. I like the Hot Dog Ships and the Gold Fish Crackers. And the cupcakes look so delicious. I think this would be a good birthday party for my nephew.
  15. this is a great party idea! you know my son's birthday party is coming up and i have been taking clues from you... although it isn't peter pan, it is more this "best friends" theme since it's a double. anyway, those lemon lime cupcakes look so good.


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