Recipe For Strawberry Butter with Confectioners Sugar

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My recipe for strawberry butter is just as delicious as the flavored butters you can purchase at the grocery store.  It costs much less to prepare and I know exactly what the ingredients are in my version. I use fresh strawberries from our local farmer’s market when they are in season. When they aren’t in season, I choose organic strawberries from as close as I can get at our local grocery store.  To keep this recipe for strawberry butter as inexpensive as possible, make it when strawberries are in season in your area.  You can substitute other types of fresh fruit when strawberries are not in season.

Recipe for strawberry butter

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Recipe For Strawberry Butter

You can experiment when creating this strawberry butter recipe depending on what you have on hand. I have made strawberry butter with honey using this same recipe and just substituting honey in a smaller quantity. If you have frozen strawberries instead of fresh, don’t worry. Just defrost the strawberries and carefully drain any excess water. Then follow the recipe to make strawberry butter with frozen strawberries. Be sure to watch the water content.

Recipe For Strawberry Butter
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  • 5 large fresh strawberries
  • 2 sticks of butter at room temperature
  • 1/2 cup (or a little less) of confectioners sugar
  • grated orange peel


  1. Put all of the ingredients in a food processor and process until smooth.
  2. Put it into a small bowl and refrigerate until it is firm.
  3. Spread on toast or muffins and enjoy.

strawberries for strawberry butter

Another benefit of making this recipe for strawberry butter is that it helps reduce the amount butter you are using on your toast.  You feel like you are spreading butter all over your toast but in reality, you are really spreading fresh strawberries all over your toast with a little bit of butter in it. While this recipe does have confectioners sugar in it, it doesn’t have a lot and you do not taste the sweetness in the strawberry butter.  The real taste of the fresh strawberries comes through. You can definitely reduce the amount of confectioners sugar if you want to.

This Strawberry Butter would taste delicious spread on these Irish Oatcakes as well.  It should be stored refrigerated and covered to keep out any other tastes from combining and to keep it fresh and spreadable. A butter crock works very well for this.

If you want to make more types of compound butter, watch the video above for a few ideas.

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  1. I've never eaten strawberry-butter, but I looooooooooove strawberry and loooooooooove butter As I have both, I'm definitely making it tomorrow!
  2. i have made honey butter before but never a fruit butter. Looks good!
  3. Looks delicious!
  4. This looks delicious and would be great on a sesame bagel!
  5. Sounds good!
  6. Glenda Cates says
    My husband would love this and so I am going to make it for him on Sunday as a treat for all the things he does for my son and I. Thanks for stopping by linky party. Please stop back by next week.
  7. Tiffany Cruz says
    That butter looks so refreshing. 
  8. I've only ever had apple butter, but I prefer strawberries to apples, so I am going to give his a try when strawberries are available locally. 
  9. I'm curious as to how long this would stay good. It looks yummy!
    • Ellen Christian says
      I'm honestly not sure. I would think if you use a clean knife each time to avoid cross contamination from other foods & remember to keep it refrigerated, you should be fine.
  10. This looks absolutely delicious! I bet it would be amazing in different flavors like blueberries and pineapples.
  11. I have never tasted strawberry butter - But it sounds great! Definitely going to try it out soon :)
  12. I love the color of it! I bet the subtle orange flavor goes well with the strawberry.
  13. I've never thought to mix strawberries and butter! Two of my favorite things in the morning, haha. I'm going to give this a try soon!
  14. Great idea! Just wondering on the recipe...5 large strawberries? Is that all you need?I wasn't sure how much this made.

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