Home Emergency Preparedness Surveillance

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Home emergency preparedness is something that my husband and I believe strongly in.  You never know when an emergency or disaster is going to strike.  You cannot wait until the emergency or disaster to prepare your home and your family.  You need to begin your home emergency preparedness preparations now when you don’t need them.  One of the things that Marty and I hadn’t investigated yet were our surveillance options.  I’ve spoken before about seeing more crime in our rural Vermont area.  We find ourselves being more and more concerned about the security of our home.

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Home emergency preparedness surveillance
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Home Emergency Preparedness Surveillance

The CDC recommends that families have a home emergency preparedness plan in place.  This plan will take into consideration things like having enough food on hand, having enough drinkable water, and necessary first aid and medical supplies. One of the first things that we did as a family was to assign a location the entire family would head to in case of emergency.  We then began stocking up on things that we might need in an emergency like food, water, first aid, candles, lanterns and hand powered tools and gadgets.

With the rising number of home break ins happening, we wanted something that would give us peace of mind without being extremely expensive.  We would like to know when we are away if our home is secure. There is nothing more frightening than walking into your home when it’s being burglarized or someone is lying in wait to attack when you open the door. That isn’t something that I want to worry about each time I come home.  From a home emergency preparedness standpoint, it is nice to be able to monitor your offsite emergency items.  I know that some people store their bulk items or other preparedness items in their garage or an offsite bunker.  I would hate to find out that everything I had stocked up on had been stolen while I wasn’t there to keep an eye on it.

Home emergency preparedness

With the D-Link Cloud Camera 5000 (DCS-5222L),  I can view my home and keep an eye on my kids, pets and possessions from anywhere over the internet.  The D-Link Cloud Camera can be mounted on a wall to keep it out of the way or you can set it on your desk or in any heavily trafficked area in the room.  The D-Link Cloud Camera can be viewed remotely using a laptop, Android phone or tablet, iPhone or iPad. Or you can log in on your computer to check an offsite location.

I am not a technical person so I always worry about installing new things.  Thankfully, the D-Link Cloud Camera is very easy to install.  I removed it from the box and connected the ethernet cable to the back of the camera and then the other end to my router.  I attached the power cable to the camera and then to a power strip. I inserted the installation CD and followed the very easy Wizard to finish the set up process. It allowed me to connect wirelessly to my router so I detached the ethernet cable at that point.  While I didn’t need it, the camera includes an extra antenna if you need to boost your router signal strength.

I created a free account on the D-Link site so I could watch the D-Link Cloud Camera from my computer.  I also downloaded the free app for my iPhone so I can monitor it when I’m away from home.  The D-Link Cloud Camera includes a remote so I can pan, tilt and zoom the camera.  The camera has a  HD 720p clarity at up to 30fps.  You can view up to 15-Feet (5-Meters) in darkness with IR LEDs.  It offers local recording with the built-in microSD card slot and store more video and reduce network bandwidth with H.264 compression (as compared to standard MJPEG). It’s super easy to use and works very well.

I had the entire set up done from opening the box to downloading the free app in less than 20 minutes. If you’re looking for an effective, affordable home surveillance option, the D-Link Cloud Camera 5000 (DCS-5222L) is definitely one I recommend.

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  1. This is exactly what I need since I am not at home most of the time and sometimes the kids are left with a baby sitter.  Glad you shared this.
  2. It seems that crime is spreading further and further away from major cities. There's been an increase in crime in our area, too. I think I'll check out this camera, it might be a good addition to our home security system.
  3. We live in a rural area too but I've noticed I'm hearing about more crime especially break and enters into businesses and cars.  It makes me worried because we need some kind of a plan or protection like you mentioned.

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