Blood Red Mocktail for Halloween Parties and Entertaining

Marty and I don’t drink or serve alcohol to our guests. When we entertain, we like to offer a variety of mocktails instead. I had been trying to figure out a cute mocktail for Halloween that we could serve when I came up with this Blood Red Mocktail. I’ve made virgin sangrias in the past, but this one is just a little bit different.

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Halloween Mocktail - Blood Red Virgin Sangria

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Blood Red Mocktail for Halloween

The key to this blood red mocktail for Halloween is the red or dark purple juice you use as the base. Not only does it look like blood but it will leave your mouth stained a dark red or purple just to make your Halloween party more enjoyable.

You can use any dark red or purple juice you have on hand from cranberry to cherry to grape. Please choose real juice instead of a juice cocktail to keep this on the healthy side. This is the organic cranberry juice we used. You can always use my homemade fresh cranberry juice instead if you like. If you want other fruit mocktail recipes, consider strawberry.

Blood Red Mocktail for Halloween Parties and Entertaining

What’s the difference between a cocktail and a mocktail?

A cocktail contains alcohol and a mocktail does not. Mocktails are a great choice for children or for anyone who does not drink. If you’re having a Halloween party with kids and adults, a mocktail gives people a fun drink option without alcohol. There are a lot of easy mocktails you can try that will give your drink a red look, consider this Valentine’s Day Mocktail that I made with raspberries.

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To make this drink refreshing, add seltzer water to it for some fizz. Seltzer water is also called club soda or sparkling water depending on what brand you’re buying.

Blood Red Mocktail for Halloween Parties and Entertaining

Seltzer water is typically water with carbonation added. Look at the ingredients list. Some brands have additives. Put it in a big cauldron for a magic potion punch for your child’s party. You could easily use one of these fake cauldrons and fill it with your favorite punch. Skip the fire of course unless you want it to be a hot drink.

Mocktail for Halloween - Blood Red Virgin Sangria

To set the theme, add some fun Halloween decorations around the pitcher or the drinks – pumpkins, vampire teeth, googly eyes, witches hats, etc. Check out these easy Halloween decorating ideas.

So, this mocktail was inspired by the series Once Upon a Time. Remember the episode where the flying monkey brings the Wicked Witch a drop of the Queen’s blood? That’s where this idea came from.

Blood Red Mocktail for Halloween Parties and Entertaining

Remember to grab a few Halloween movies to enjoy with the family this Halloween. There are lots of fantastic family-friendly options for those that
don’t like super scary movies.

Blood Red Mocktail for Halloween Parties and Entertaining

Mocktail recipes for kids

If you want a few more mocktail recipes for kids that will work for Halloween, here are a handful that look like they’d be a big hit at a Halloween party.

Blood Red Mocktail for Halloween Parties and Entertaining

Mocktails menu

Of course, you want more than just mocktails at your Halloween party, here are a few mocktails menu party ideas you can try.

Yields 6

Blood Red Mocktail for Halloween

I had been trying to figure out a cute mocktail for Halloween that we could serve when I came up with this Blood Red Mocktail.

15 minPrep Time

2 hrCook Time

2 hr, 15 Total Time

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  • 4 cups of dark red or purple juice
  • 2 cups of seltzer water
  • 3 cups of red and purple fruits cut up
  • One orange, clementine or tangerine


  1. Cut up the fruit. Remove any seeds, pits or leaves. Peel the orange and cut up.
  2. Place it all in a large pitcher (or individual glasses).
  3. Add the juice (leaving room for the seltzer water).
  4. Refrigerate until ready to serve. At least 1-2 hours.
  5. Add the seltzer water and serve

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  1. This is a fantastic idea. I love paring fun drinks like these with all kinds of "gross" Halloween treats at my holiday party. 
  2. This looks like an awesome mocktail! Can't wait to try this for Halloween!
  3. Wow! We're big Halloween fans at our house. We've been hosting parties since our kids were little and now we do so with our grandkids. Your Blood Red Mocktail will be a huge hit at our next Halloween party.
  4. Well, this is fun!  My sister loves to host Halloween parties, and our girls are getting a little older. They like pretending that they're grown up.  This recipe would make them all so happy. 
  5. That looks amazing! I will have to give this a try.
  6. holy moly if i had all the ingredients at home i wo o would make one but it is midnight hihi

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