Halloween Treat Ideas with Hersheys

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These Halloween treat ideas will get you in the mood! While it has been many years since I dressed up for Halloween, it is still one of my favorite times of the year.  Living way out in the country, we don’t get trick or treaters knocking on the door.  Each year I buy a bag of Hershey’s Halloween candy just in case someone stops by but it doesn’t happen.  

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Halloween Treat Ideas

I have such great Halloween memories from when the kids were little. I remember making a number of their Halloween costumes and then driving up to the center of town to take them door to door for Halloween treats. And, I remember making Halloween snacks for their classroom Halloween parties. The kids always loved cupcakes the most because we decorated them with sprinkles on top. As they got older, they decided that sugar cookies were more fun because they got to decorate them.

While I can’t send in a plate of Halloween treats with my son to the high school, I can make some at home for the kids to enjoy here.  I received a box of Hershey’s Halloween Candy so I could share some Halloween treat ideas with you. I used a selection of their candy on these Halloween treats. You can find them at your local supermarket or mass retailer. These easy Halloween recipes are simple enough for everyone.

Halloween Treat Ideas with Hersheys That are Fun to Make

Hershey’s York Peppermint Patties come in cute pumpkin shapes at Halloween time.  I took several of these pumpkins and frosted them with orange and green frosting.  I love this natural food coloring for bright vibrant colors. Then I inserted a toothpick in the bottom of each to use them as Halloween cupcake toppers.

Halloween Treat Ideas with Hersheys That are Fun to Make

Halloween treat ideas for school

Orange always reminds me of pumpkins and Halloween so it only makes sense that Reese’s Pieces are part of our Halloween.  I kept the orange and yellow ones for me and used the brown ones as eyes in these Frankenstein Halloween sugar cookies. You’ll need these cookie cutters.

Of course, some schools don’t allow home-baked Halloween treats because they are concerned about allergen issues with the kids. So many children are dealing with food allergies. If your school does allow them, these Halloween sugar cookies would be perfect for the kids to enjoy at a Halloween party. You could even allow the kids to frost their own cookies as part of a class activity.

Easy Halloween Cards to make

Treats that aren’t candy

But, if your school doesn’t allow people to bring in homemade Halloween treats, why not send in a few bags of these Halloween novelty toys. That way, everyone can enjoy one without worrying about food allergies. And, don’t forget something for the teacher. Check out these easy Halloween cards to make.

Everyone loves cookies and these yummy Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses worked wonderfully on top of our sugar cookies. You could make a pumpkin spice cookie, gingerbread cookie or peanut butter cookie instead if you wanted to. There are so many different Halloween treat ideas you can try with a few variations.

Halloween treat ideas - Kit Kat Brownie Trifle

While the kids enjoy the cookies, I wanted something a bit fancier for entertaining.  I crumbled brownies into the bottom of a bowl, topped them with fresh whipped cream and then added chopped Kit Kat orange-colored Halloween candy on top. Oh yum! that’s an amazing treat for company. What are your favorite yummy treats for Halloween?

a child trick or treating wearing a princess dress

What do you give for Halloween treats?

Here are a few Halloween treat ideas if you want to give something a little bit different than candy this year. We usually fill a huge Halloween bowl with a variety of different treats – both edible and non-edible. That way, the kids that don’t want candy have an alternative. Or, if they know there is a candy they should not eat, they can pick something else. It leaves the flexibility to the child or parent.

Wondering how to cut Halloween costs? Check out this post for a few ideas. And, here are some non candy Halloween treats to make. Or, learn how to make natural Halloween makeup. What are your favorite Halloween treat ideas?

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  1. What fun ideas! I'm not so sure about the Kit Kat's though... we're not fans of white chocolate. But the Reese's Pieces... now those get eaten rather quickly!

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