Easy Halloween Cards to Make for Beginner Crafters

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I love making cards and playing with paper crafts. It’s one of my favorite types of crafts. As much as I enjoy it, I don’t have a lot of time to devote to it. When I search for projects, I want them to be fairly simple. I don’t have hours to devote to crafting so I look for crafts that can be done in a few minutes or half an hour. Since Halloween will be here soon, I have been searching for easy Halloween cards to make. 

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Easy Halloween Cards to Make

I love rubber stamping. Since I don’t have a very steady hand, I rarely draw.  When I want words or a cute design, I turn to rubber stamps. You really don’t have to be an artist to use a rubber stamp. Just ink them and go. I recently received products from Stampin’ Up! to review on my blog and decided to show you a few easy Halloween cards to make this year.


Easy Halloween Cards to make


There are no set directions for making these cards.  So, I basically cut the Halloween themed designer paper into different shapes and arranged them on the card until I liked the way they looked. I added a strip of black on one in the center and then layered a set of 3 rectangles on top. I finished by stamping a Halloween saying in Pumpkin Pie.

Easy Halloween Cards to make

For the second card, I arranged strips of Halloween themed designer paper of a black square. Then, I then cut out a white rectangle and cut it to look like a ribbon. I stamped three Halloween phrases in different colored ink.

Halloween card sayings

Now that you know what to put on the outside of the card, have you given any thought to Halloween card sayings for the inside of the card? Here are a few that might work for you.

  • Keep it creepy!
  • Have a spooktakular Halloween!
  • Ghostly greetings
  • Happy Haunting
  • Have a bootiful Halloween
  • Eat, drink and be scary

Halloween bookmark and tag

If you’re looking for a few Halloween puns to put inside these easy Halloween cards, check out these:

  • What does the vegan zombie eat? Grains!
  • Why did the ghost go to the bar? For the boos!
  • Why doesn’t Dracula have any friends? Because he’s a pain in the neck.
  • What kind of music do mummies listen to? Wrap
  • Where does Dracula keep his savings? In the blood bank

I really made both of these cards in about thirty minutes.  There are tons of fun Halloween crafting supplies from Stampin’ Up from little kid cute to slightly scary for adults or older children. No matter what type of cards you enjoy making, you can find what you need there. Look for Stampin Up Halloween Cards on Pinterest for more ideas.

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Halloween cards to make with toddlers

If you’re looking for a few Halloween cards to make with toddlers or younger children, here are a few easy Halloween cards to make that kids might enjoy.

  • You could put these cotton ball ghosties on the front of a construction paper card. I love how this craft turned out. Check them out here.
  • This smoosh and stamp pumpkin art would be simple to decorate the front of a card. Get directions here.
  • Or, check out this skeleton print hand art for a fun easy Halloween card to make. Find the directions here.
  • These spooky ghost prints would be an easy craft for the kids to make one afternoon. Check out this post.

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  1. So adorable! I would love to make these as greeting cards for my family who lives far away :) My daughter would have too much fun helping 

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