Winter Front Door Decor and Decorating Ideas

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These winter front door decor ideas will help your guests feel welcome. Check out this winter front porch decor for a few stylish ideas.

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Winters are long here in Vermont and once my flower gardens have died, my yard isn’t anywhere near as colorful as it is in the summer and fall. While I can hang a wreath on my door, sometimes I want something a little bit different. 

If you do hang a wreath outside this year, learn how to take care of fresh evergreen wreaths to make it last as long as possible. You don’t want it to turn brown.

a front door decorated for winter with a wreath and fir tree in the front

Winter Front Door Decor

Of course, hanging a wreath is always a popular option. You can generally find fresh wreaths at the same place you pick out your Christmas tree. 

Or, if you prefer, you can choose a grapevine wreath or an artificial wreath that will last a bit longer. There are lots of fun options with wooden cutouts and artificial flowers.

What can I hang on my front door besides a wreath?

While wreaths may be traditional, there are lots of other ideas as well. Keep in mind that whatever you hang will be exposed to the weather. 

So, if you don’t have an overhang or a front porch, be sure that the item you choose won’t be destroyed if it gets cold and wet.

These winter front door decor ideas will help your guests feel welcome. Check out this winter front porch decor for a few stylish ideas.

Why not try one of these:

Christmas Decorations At Front Door of House.

How do I decorate my porch for winter?

Of course, if you want winter front porch decor, you have even more ideas because you have a larger area to work with. And, you may even have a spot that’s protected from the wind and snow.

While how much you can add really depends on how large an area you’re working with, here are a few ideas:

  • Small artificial tree
  • Holiday welcome mat
  • A large basket of pinecones and fir boughs
  • Wreath
  • Large bow with a sleigh bell
  • Decorative wooden cutouts
  • Welcome sign
  • Winter themed garden flag
  • Lanterns
  • Rocking chair with winter-themed pillows

Wooden cut outs for winter front door decor

Hanging things with a storm door

If you have a storm door over the front of your front door, you will want to choose things that are thin enough to fit between the two doors. You don’t want to prevent the door from closing and let the cold air into your home.

When this is the case, something like a wooden cutout is perfect. They are thin and can easily be hung in any space.

garden flags for winter

Best things to hang with an inside door

If you live in an apartment or a condo and want to hang something to welcome guests, you may want to avoid using fir boughs. They will not stay green as long somewhere that’s warmer.

You can help extend their life by misting them with water every few days so they don’t dry out. Or, you can opt for artificial sprays instead.

If you need something for an inside space, consider a holiday welcome mat, a garden flag, and a distressed wooden sign. You’re lucky that your decorations will be protected from the weather.

a wreath with a red bow and wooden cut out

When can I use winter front door decor?

For some people, winter front porch decor means Christmas and for others, it means the colder weather. Either way, you can start any time you want to.

Or, you might want to choose winter front door decor for the month of November. And, then switch to Christmas decor on December first. 

It may be as simple as adding a few candy canes to the fir boughs. Or, it might mean decorating the small fir tree with ornaments rather than leaving it plain.

I typically bring in my Christmas decor after the New Year. And, I leave up winter items until well into February. But, winter in Vermont is a long season.

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