How to Take Care of Fresh Evergreen Wreaths

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Do you know how to take care of fresh evergreen wreaths? There was another frost this morning, and I’m starting to get in the holiday mood. This weekend, I put up a fresh evergreen wreath on our front door and the door to our garden shed. I love how festive it makes our home look. Like any other outdoor decoration, it requires a bit of attention to keep it looking good.  This post has been sponsored, and product was provided, but the story is my own. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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How to Take Care of Fresh Evergreen Wreaths

How to Take Care of Fresh Evergreen Wreaths

A fresh evergreen wreath is just what it says. It’s a wreath made of fresh evergreen branches and decorations. To keep the wreath looking beautiful throughout the season, you need to take care of it and give it a bit of attention.

Start with a Fresh Wreath

Like any other fresh product, you need to start with the best quality. Look for a company that has good feedback when selecting your wreath. Mickman Brothers has been in business for over thirty years and has been recognized for numerous awards over the years including the US Dept of Agriculture Award as founding members of the Balsam Bough Partnership.

Store it Carefully

If you aren’t hanging your wreath immediately, store it somewhere cool and dark until you’re ready to hang it. Make sure that you lay it flat so that it holds its shape correctly and be sure that you don’t knock off any of the decorations. You can store it covered with plastic but do not cut off all are flow or you may have an issue with mold.

How to Take Care of Fresh Evergreen Wreaths

Hang Out of Direct Sun

When considering where to hang your wreath, it will last longest if you don’t hang it directly in the sun. If your front door gets lots of sunlight all day, consider hanging it on a side door instead. It will last much longer this way. If you keep it out of direct sunlight, your wreath should last about two months in colder climates.

Consider Watering It

When you receive your wreath, mist it lightly, front and back with water being careful not to get water on the wreath decorations. If you’re in a cold climate, this should be the only misting your wreath requires. However, if you’re in a warmer climate or your wreath is in direct sunlight all day, you may want to mist it a few times a week to help it stay fresh.

I am so impressed with the wreaths I received from Mickman Brothers. I received both the Victorian Wreath and the Cranberry Splash Wreath. They were in beautiful condition when I received them and are holding up quite well despite the wind, rain, and frost. The decorations are secured very well to the wreath, and I love the quality and style.

Shop Mickman Brothers now and save $3 on your wreath using this link.

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  1. Those wreaths are beautiful! I never knew these tips thank you, my front door is direct sunlight so I think I need to switch to fake there and put my live wreaths somewhere else.
  2. Our front door is very sunny and we live in the south. I have yet to try a real wreath but maybe I will check into it! Thanks for the tips!

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