Top 5 Health & Wellness Essentials You Can Save On

Last Updated on September 12, 2020 by Ellen Christian

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Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me, but I’m the first person to admit that it can be expensive if you’re not careful. Have you ever tried to fill your grocery cart with only organic options when you shop each week? That can definitely put me over budget for the entire month if I’m not careful. I have to shop smart to stick to my budget and still manage to make healthy choices, but it is possible. Thank you to TopCashback for sponsoring this conversation today. You can sign up here today.

Top 5 Health & Wellness Essentials You Can Save On

Top 5 Health & Wellness Essentials You Can Save On

When I shop, whether it’s for groceries or essential oils, I look for the best price. I clip coupons, use rebates, make my own, and search for deals online. This lets me get the products I want at prices I can afford. I’ve talked before about how I save time and watch my budget and it still holds true today. I wanted to share a few health and wellness essentials that you can save money on right now by shopping at

Non-GMO Food

Finding affordable non-GMO food at the grocery store can be a challenge. I just don’t find the best deals there. Thankfully, there are sites like VitaCost that offer non-GMO foods along with things like healthy cleaning products. Right now, you can save 8% when you shop there.

Homeopathic Options

I would much rather use homeopathic options when I’m not feeling well than turn to medication unless absolutely necessary. The homeopathic products at our local food coop are very expensive so I often look to places like Vitamin Shoppe to save money on things like herbs and homeopathic solutions. You can get 2% cash back when you shop today.

Natural Personal Care

I prefer natural personal care products that are free of things like aluminum and phthalates but they aren’t easy to find at my stores. While I do make some of my own, like this mineralizing toothpaste, others I prefer to buy at places like GNC.  Thankfully, you can shop now and save 10% at GNC.

Healthy Pet Products

Our kitties deserve healthy products just as much as we do but they are not available at my local stores or vet’s office. I can find good prices on healthy pet prices at stores like Pure Formulas, and I can save 4% on food, treats, accessories and even toys.

Healthy Treats

We all need a treat every now and then. I have a slight addiction to gummy bears and really, who can eat just one of them? I’d much rather purchase the healthier, organic options instead of food that has artificial colors and other ingredients. I can find a great selection at eVitamins and save 10%. You can even find Halloween treats there!

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