How to Repot Plants and Regrow Celery

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Are you wondering how to repot plants and regrow celery? I love having a garden and indoor plants but I don’t always give them the attention they need.  Several of my houseplants need repotting.  They are too big for their current pots, and there isn’t enough nutrition in the soil for them to be happy.  My houseplants are all in different rooms so I forget about them. I repotted them with new soil, in larger pots, and created a centerpiece.

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How to Regrow Celery & How to Repot Plants

How to Repot Plants

Now that they are on the table, I see them every morning and remember to water them and care for them. Different types of houseplants need different types of soil. I use an all-purpose potting soil for my houseplants. Cacti and succulents require special soil. Repotting indoor plants is fairly simple and this is the process I followed.

Protect Your Work Surface

Cover your work surface with newspaper. I’m not neat. I get potting soil everywhere when I repot plants.  Sometimes I need to sweep the floors when I’m done too.  If it’s warm outside, I repot plants in the front yard.

Loosen the Potting Soil

Very carefully, loosen the potting soil from inside the pot. If the pot is flexible, squeeze the outside gently to loosen it. When the plant is free from the pot, very carefully loosen the soil a bit without damaging the root ball.

How to Repot Plants in Three Easy Steps

Split the Plant

You can either split the plant into two smaller plants or repot the entire plant in a larger pot. I usually repot it into a larger pot unless I share it with a friend. If you split the plant, do not damage the roots. Find the separation spot for the different shoots and carefully separate the roots into two plants. Place potting soil in the bottom of the new pot. Center the plant in the center of the pot. Add potting soil around the outside until the pot is full.  Water the plant according to directions. Check out my post on how to repot aloe.

Add Something Easy

If you find that you don’t have enough plants to make a centerpiece, try adding something easy like regrowing celery. You don’t have to have expensive plants to have a pretty display. You can often find things like spider plants and aloe vera on your local garage sale site just for asking.

Regrow Celery by taking the base of a celery stalk (about 2 inches) and placing it in a dish of warm water on a windowsill. After a few days on the windowsill, you will notice that leaves are starting to grow from the center of the celery. After about three weeks of growing (depending on how warm your home is), you should transplant it into potting soil. Please don’t use any artificial chemicals on your celery if you plan to eat it. I’d recommend starting your celery plant with organic celery. Celery doesn’t like to be too hot or get dry so make sure it’s in a moist environment.

Once the weather warms up enough to head outside into the garden and try repotting outdoor plants. Or, you may want to try to make a salad garden now that you know how to repot plants. Check out the video above to regrow an avocado tree from seed. Or, try making celery powder.

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  1. These are great tips! I need to bring my succulent plants inside soon and I am planning on replanting them into smaller individual pots! Definitely will follow some of these tips :) Thanks! 
  2. Oh I never thought to grow the celery inside during the winter!  I did this this summer for the first time, and it worked so GREAT!    I am going to restart another one inside!  I love being able to just pick your own!  I am going to try the organic this time!
  3. I love the idea of the celery as a centerpiece. I have one plant that really needs to be split and repotted. It is waaaay too big for the pot it is in now. Thank you for the tips.
  4. Thanks for the good advice. I have a spider plant that needs to be re-potted. I'm also going to try growing celery with my grandchildren. I think it will be a great project for them to try.

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