How to Save Time Grocery Shopping

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Of all the things that I spend time doing each day, shopping and errands seem to take up the largest amount of time. I grocery shop on the weekend because it takes so much time. It works out to more like twice a week since I either forget to put something on my list or forget to buy something while I’m there. Learning how to save time grocery shopping means I need to be more efficient when shopping.

How to save time grocery shopping



How to Save Time Grocery Shopping

There are two parts to learning how to save time grocery shopping. First, I need to make sure that everything I need gets put on my list. Second, I need to make sure that everything on my list ends up in my cart.  You would think that wouldn’t be that difficult, but it seems to be a challenge for me.

Since I enjoy using apps for so many different areas in my life, I have been using Chuze to save time and streamline my grocery shopping. Chuze is a revolutionary new app; that changes the way you shop for groceries. Chuze puts time back into your day, money back into your wallet, and a sense of discovery back into the grocery shopping experience.

How to save time grocery shopping

What makes Chuze unique is that it isn’t just a way to store your grocery list. I could do that with a piece of paper and a pen. What Chuze allows me to do is to scan items that I run out of or will be running out of soon as a way to keep track of what I need to buy. When I used the sour cream for dinner last night, I noticed we were running low. I just scan it with Chuze and it keeps track of it. Did you just use the last garbage bag? Scan the box before you recycle it.

Even better, it’s not just you that can add things to your list. Your husband or teens can add to the list as well. My husband always forgets to tell me when he finishes his favorite snacks. Because I don’t eat them, I don’t notice that they’re running low. Now, he can just scan it in when he realizes we need more.

How to save time grocery shopping

Not only does Chuze keep track of what you need, it automatically matches deals on what you need to purchase. Chuze sends you coupons for your favorite items, only when you need them. No more multiple-page coupon booklets in the mail, no need to save crumpled coupons in your wallet or worry about their expiration dates.

When it’s time shop, Chuze organizes your grocery list by aisle (for over 10,000 stores), so you don’t waste time searching for it.  Using Chuze lets me save time in every area of grocery shopping from the list to the checkout!

Chuze is a free app available for both iOS and Android. Download yours today!

How to save time grocery shopping

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  1. Chuze sounds like a great app. So many times I forget to put items on my list so I too end up going to the grocery store several times a week. 
  2. This sounds like a helpful app. I like that it sends you specialized coupons.
  3. What a great app! I love how it also scans for coupons or deals on items that you are planning on buying anyway! now that is a great way to save money and time come grocery shopping trip!
  4. I need Chuze in the worst way. I always forget to add  something to my list. Always. 
  5. Grocery shopping used to be fun, but it's become such a chore for me!  Invariably, I lose my list or fail to even reference it as I shop (and try to keep my sanity).  Chuze could really help me! 
  6. I haven't gotten in to the apps too much. I do get texts for Staples and Target coupons and sales though. I don't buy too many packaged foods at the grocery, more produce or store brand that usually don't have savings. I get lots of savings alerts on other products from great blogger sites, which I am very grateful for.

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