Tips for Keeping Your Family Cold and Flu-Free

Last Updated on September 26, 2021 by Ellen Christian

It’s just about that time of year again so here are a few tips for keeping your family cold and flu-free. Like most moms, I don’t have time to get sick. Too many other people rely on me, and I have too much that needs to be done each day. I rarely let getting sick slow me down. And, I pay special attention to staying as healthy as possible.

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Tips for Keeping Your Family Cold and Flu-Free

Tips for Keeping Your Family Cold and Flu-Free

I really hate being sick, and I am not a good patient. I don’t stay in bed, and I cannot rest quietly.  Since my husband is disabled, his immune system is compromised. That means he’s more likely to get sick than I am. What might just be a few sniffles for me, could result in him being sick for a week or more.

How can family members prevent the flu? While it’s impossible to avoid ever getting sick, there are things that you can do to stay healthy and reduce the chance that you’ll get a cold or flu. Here are a few tips for keeping your family cold and flu-free that work for me.

Tips for Keeping Your Family Cold and Flu-Free

Get plenty of sleep

No, it’s not easy to get your teenagers to bed when they’re supposed to but it really does help your body ward off those bugs and germs. Bribe them with television in bed or the latest video game and see if that works.

Tips for Keeping Your Family Cold and Flu-Free

Take extra Vitamin C

Take extra Vitamin C during the times of year when your family is most likely to get sick. I take Vitamin C every day. My husband drinks those Vitamin C immune system drinks because he’s not fond of taking vitamins. I funnel orange juice into the kids as often as I can and try to get them to take their vitamins as well. I also like to take zinc at the first sign of a cold and always keep elderberry syrup on hand just in case. Ginger tea is also a wonderful home remedy.

Wash your hands

Wash your hands multiple times a day. It does help keep germs away especially after touching things like door handles or being out in public. It doesn’t need to be antibacterial – just plain old hot water and soap will work wonders.

Tips for Keeping Your Family Cold and Flu-Free

Disinfect your home

Disinfect things used by lots of people like the doorknob, the telephone, the refrigerator handle, etc. Stop the spread of germs from person to person as much as you can.

Sneeze into your arm

Encourage people to sneeze into their arm and not on their hands. When you sneeze on your hands or don’t cover your mouth at all, you just spread the cold and flu to everyone else you come in contact with.

Tips for Keeping Your Family Cold and Flu-Free

How to stay flu-free

A healthy body is more likely to ward off infection. That includes eating properly, getting fresh air and maintaining a healthy weight. The stronger your body is, the better it can fight off illness. Remember to take your multivitamins regularly and not just when you’re sick.

Tips for Keeping Your Family Cold and Flu-Free Naturally

Consider antibacterial and anti viral products

While I very rarely use antibacterial products, I like to keep them on hand in case I touch something in public that’s probably very germy like a grocery cart or public bathroom door. I just keep a little bottle of it in my handbag and give the kids one for their backpack just in case. It’s great for times when you don’t have access to soap and water.

Consider stocking up on these medicine cabinet essentials.

Tips for Keeping Your Family Cold and Flu-Free

Regular checkups

Schedule doctor’s appointments for a check up once a year. Even adults need to see the doctor to make sure they’re healthy. They can check your baseline health numbers like blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, and cholesterol.

Think about the flu shot

If you have someone in your family with a compromised immune system, you might want to talk to them about getting a flu shot. While I don’t get a flu shot, my husband is disabled and a diabetic and he does get one at the recommendation of his doctor.

Tips for Keeping Your Family Cold and Flu-Free

Stay home

When you or the kids are sick, stay home. The worst thing to do is go out in public and spread it around to everyone else. It can be tempting to go to work anyway because you don’t want to fall behind. But, no one in the office will appreciate getting your cold.
Staying healthy is something you need to work on. If you are feeling under the weather, try this easy natural sinus relief. And, read more about these self care tips for asthma control. Do you have any tips for keeping your family cold and flu-free?

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