How to Clean Your Kitchen Fast

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Is your goal to clean your kitchen fast and to get it over with? I’m not one of those people that love to clean. Don’t get me wrong. I love a clean house.  That doesn’t mean that cleaning itself brings me great joy. It’s one of those things that I want to be done quickly so I can get back to doing something I like. Each year, as the weather warms up, I’m reminded that it’s spring cleaning time.  It’s that once a year time when I go through the house top to bottom and clean everything. Since I’ve been decluttering for about a year, the process is a bit simpler, but it still takes time. From experience, I know that the proper supplies can make all of the difference. 

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How to Clean Your Kitchen Fast With Essential Oils

How to Clean Your Kitchen Fast With Essential Oils

For me, spring cleaning is a time to deep clean each room. A big focus of mine is always in the kitchen since it’s the room that seems to have people in it all the time. We enter and exit our home through the side door that leads into the kitchen. We prepare all of our meals, and we visit over coffee when we have company over.

The kids are in and out of the refrigerator looking for snacks and drinks multiple times a day. It’s just a busy room, and since we prepare and store food in the kitchen, it’s a room that I want to be as clean as possible. These are the steps I go through and they will help you clean your kitchen fast. I like that Viva® Towels are strong like cloth without the added work of extra laundry.

I stopped at Walmart for paper products, more vinegar, and a new spray bottle to get started. I knew that they’d have everything I need in one place. The joy of cleaning with essential oils is that you don’t need a bunch of different cleaning products for every room in the house.

  • Take everything out of each cupboard and drawer (one at a time). Remove the shelf paper if necessary or wipe it down to freshen it. I use a 50/50 combination of vinegar and water along with a drop of lemon essential oil for a fresh scent. I use Viva® Vantage® towels because they have a scrubby texture that works great for getting stains off the shelf paper. Replace all of the items, tossing any food that has expired. Don’t be tempted to take everything out at once. Go one drawer or cupboard at a time to avoid being overwhelmed.
  • Take everything off the counter. I try to keep as few things on the counter as possible. It helps cut down on clutter, and there are fewer things to get dirty. Unplug the small appliances and remove everything from the counter. Wipe down the small appliances as you move them. Using the same 50/50 combination of water and vinegar, wipe down the counters using Viva® Towels because they work great without scratching. If you prefer, instead of lemon oil, you can use tea tree oil which has antibacterial properties. Return everything to its place. If you have things that are not where they belong, now is the time to find a permanent home for them and put them away.

How to Clean Your Kitchen Fast With Essential Oils

  • Tackle the windows. If the weather is warm enough in your area, open the windows during your kitchen spring cleaning. In Vermont, our temperatures are still in the 30s, so I don’t open the windows until May. Using a 50/50 vinegar and water solution (with or without your favorite essential oil), wipe down the windows and the trim around the windows. Don’t forget the outside of the windows if it’s warm enough.

Clean your kitchen fast with essential oils

  • Clean the stove and oven. We don’t have a self-clean function on our oven, so springtime is the time I tackle this job. Just use the oven cleaning recipe below and Viva® Vantage® towels to remove tough stains. You may need to rinse the area a few times with clear warm water depending on how long it’s been since you cleaned it last. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes while you take care of a different task to save time.

Clean your kitchen fast with essential oils

Homemade Oven Cleaner
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  • 1 tbsp of your favorite dish liquid
  • 1 1/2 cups of baking soda
  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 2 drops of lemon essential oil


  1. Mix the ingredients together, adding a tiny bit of water if necessary to make a thick paste.
  2. Scrub onto the interior of the oven to clean.
  3. Wipe off using a damp towel.

Now that you know how to clean your kitchen fast, head to Walmart for supplies including these Viva® Towels. You can find great deals on all Viva®, Cottonelle® and Scott® products at your local Walmart.

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  1. We need to make this! Seriously! I've had it with all the chemical cleaners we use in our house and we're looking for do much better this year, and years to come. We're definitely going to give your kitchen cleaner recipe a try! I didn't realize making your own cleaner could be so simple! Thank you for sharing!
  2. I love the idea of oils in home made cleaners like this! I really need to try a homemade oven cleaner I can't stand the smell of that. 
  3. We've made our own cleaning liquids before, but never thought about the smell. Certainly didn't consider putting oils in it - great idea!
  4. I love cleaning with essential oils! They always do such a great job and they leave my house smelling amazing! Plus I know I don't have any nasty chemicals left over! 

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