Framed Button Art

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I’m always looking for simple home decorating ideas because I enjoy doing projects around the house.  This framed button art project is one of my favorites.

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Simple home decorating ideas Framed Button Art

Simple home decorating ideas – Framed Button Art

We live in an 1865 farmhouse that we have been slowing fixing up and decorating for the past fifteen years. My home has always been a work in progress and that is fine by me.  

I love working on it slowly and making it a place that really reflects who I am.  I recently discovered the world of framed button art.  

I’ve been checking out some of the simple home decorating ideas on Pinterest and was inspired to try to create my own framed button art.  

While many of the gorgeous works of art I’ve seen include vintage buttons, my project is created with buttons I had on hand and a few I picked up at the craft store.  There’s nothing vintage or antique involved in it unfortunately.

You can hang your framed button art on the wall or you can use a picture stand to hold it instead. Since I’m not a fan of things that I have to dust around, I chose to hang my framed button art on the wall instead.


Picture frame with mat
Buttons of different sizes and colors depending on your theme
Thread & needle
Linen or cross-stitch fabric


How to make button art pictures

  • Cut a piece of linen or cross-stitch fabric to fit your picture frame and mat.
  • Draw or trace a heart lightly in pencil in the center of the linen or cross-stitch fabric.  Verify that all of the heart will show through the center of your picture frame mat.

Simple home decorating ideas

  • Sew on the buttons following the outline of your heart.
Simple Home Decorating Ideas Framed Button Art
  • Fill in the center of the heart with a variety of buttons fitting the different sizes in to make it as full as possible.
  • Fit the button art in the center of the frame and hang or display on a stand.

Do you do any crafts that work for simple home decorating ideas? This Framed Button Art could easily be made in a variety of colors. You could do the first letter of your name or a shape like a sailboat or flower for a young child.

47 thoughts on “Framed Button Art”

  1. Framed button art was very impressive. Because it is easy to make and also looks beautiful.  I have a blog about giving simple and easy ideas  on crafts for kids. I also made some crafts with waste things at home.
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  8. That's super cute. I just bought a bunch of colored buttons and printed out a big font letter and traced it on my board that I had covered with a blown up black and white photo. I then glued all the colored buttons to make the letter B for my daughter Briana. It is for Valentines day so I think she will love it.
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  10. I always think these button projects look so cute. Plus, I am always a sucker for buying the misc huge jar of buttons at flea markets, don't ask why, I just like them - this would put them to good use!!
  11. This is being added to my list of things to do this week with my daughter! We snagged a big container full of the coolest buttons at a garage sale this summer and this would be perfect! There are little people buttons so she can make a playground scene (with glue of course, she's only 3), and put the people at the park!
  12. This is so beautiful! I love that this is a craft that could be made for several occasions by just switching colors - like for Mother's Day or a birthday.
  13. This is so stinking cute! I've never really been huge on Valentine's Day crafts but I'm loving the variety I'm seeing here lately.
  14. Lovely project.  Who said home decorating is expensive?  During my spare time, I try to cross stitch and display my finish product at home.
  15. This is a great project!  I am wanting to teach my 11 YO grand-daughter to embroider, and this would be a good start.  I can just see other combinations for holidays and for matching her room.
  16. I love all of the beautiful button crafts I've been seeing, I want to play with buttons too! This one is especially nice, I love the colors and the fact that it is an adorable loveable heart, well, makes me love it even more! Thank you for sharing! I've got a lot of button ideas in my head! This is going to be an adventure!
  17. This is so cute! I'm going to make one of these, but I'll probably just glue the buttons on. I'd love it if you'd link up with this week's Whip It Up Wednesday handmade linky party, too!

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