Fall Button and Twine Bracelet Tutorial

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I saw some really cute button and twine bracelets at the last craft fair I visited and was inspired to make tehse. Learn how to make these easy upcycled bracelets using buttons. 

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Fall Button and Twine Bracelet Tutorial

Fall Button and Twine Bracelet Tutorial

The button and twine bracelets I saw at the craft fair were for little kids and while they were cute, they weren’t really what I wanted to wear. They were basically one large, bright colored plastic button and twine.

I decided that the layered look would give the bracelet a little bit more of a grown-up look if I did it with earth toned buttons. This button and twine bracelet tutorial is easy enough for a child to do.

Just switch the colors and style of buttons depending on your preferences.

Fall Button and Twine Bracelet Tutorial

I didn’t have any buttons that were what I wanted in my button jar so I headed to the craft store and was thrilled to find a few buttons that were made from recycled materials. You could really use any buttons you want as long as the hole is big enough for the twine.


  • 3 to 6 buttons (4 holes in each button)
  • Twine or waxed embroidery floss if you prefer

Easy fall button and twine bracelet tutorial


  • Cut a piece of twine that is about 22″ long.
  • Put one end in each of the holes and pull through. If your twine is too thick, simply unravel it until it fits.
  • Double through the looped end and draw snugly.
  • Repeat for the other two holes on the other side.
  • Repeat for each button.

You can wear these alone as a single bracelet or you can wear them together so you have the layered look. This bracelet is the perfect choice for a casual look that matches with the earth tones of autumn. I wore mine when I went to the corn maze this afternoon. It was the perfect fun accessory.

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  1. I've been sewing since 4-H so I have a stash of fave buttons to use with this and believe it or not, saved pieces of twine! When I get them wrapped around presents, I save them so what a great way to repurpose and upcycle my treasures (aka junk!) Thanks

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