How to Create a Focal Point in Your Living Room

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This is the year that my husband and I will be redecorating our living room. We live in an 1865 farmhouse and each year we do a few more improvements on our home. We have finally reached the living room. Of course, we need to do the traditional painting of the ceiling and walls but we also need all new furniture. We also desperately need to have a focal point in the room.

Our living room is very large and serves as a combination office and living room. In addition to the couch, chairs, coffee table, entertainment center and book case are also two desks and a printer stand… oh and the wood stove. We desperately need to have a focal point to draw the room together.

The largest piece of furniture in our room is the entertainment center so one way we could have a focal point is by using the entertainment center. The only problem is that it’s against the back wall and is not what you see as soon as you enter the room.

The first thing you see when you enter the room is the wood stove. We obviously can’t move that elsewhere but it’s not overly attractive so I don’t really want to use that as our focal point.

Another option would be to place something brightly colored against one of the walls where the couch is. Hanging an oil painting on canvas like the ones from there would be the perfect solution above the couch. What do you think of this one? I’m partial to Monet myself.

I’ve also heard of using a big picture window as a focal point but since we live in an older home, we don’t have a picture window. What are your thoughts? What do you use as a focal point in your room?

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5 thoughts on “How to Create a Focal Point in Your Living Room”

  1. I know a few people who take one particular wall and paint it a dark color and then the rest of the room a neutral color. Use a border to tie the two together to blend. This wall will become your focal point and a great place to showcase family pictures or a wall floral arrangement of some sort. It really is very pretty.
  2. I love paintings. They can really make a difference in a room. When I don't have them on my walls, I feel like the room is naked.
  3. my focal point always seems to be my TV and I don't really care for that. Hard to rearrange my living room but I might need to start playing around with it!
  4. I've never thought of a focal point for any of my rooms. I just arrange the furniture as best as I can where they'll fit in and look pleasing to the eye.

    Morgan Mandel

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