Button Crafts For Adults – Spring Flower Card

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Looking for creative button crafts? If you need crafts to do with buttons, make this easy spring flower card using buttons today.

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Button crafts - Button Flower Card

Button Crafts – Flower Card

Do you enjoy button crafts? I love buttons and have a big jar to store them in. Whenever I go to garage sales or thrift stores, I keep my eyes open for new buttons to add to my collection.

I rarely sew so it isn’t that I NEED a big collection of buttons. I just love the fun colors and designs. 

Most of the time, I find myself using the buttons I collect in button crafts. I made a framed button project using pink buttons in the shape of a heart and I thought that was so much fun that I just kept collecting more buttons. There are so many crafts to do with buttons.

a pile of buttons

Button Flower Card

Since spring is finally here in Vermont, my flowers are starting to bloom. Looking outside at the flowers gave me the idea to create this simple button flower card. You can use any type of button that you have as long as it has a flat back and not a hook on the back.

If it has a hook on the back, you will need to cut off the hook first so that it lays flat on the card.

Button Crafts - Flower Card


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  • Glue the paper flowers together like a bouquet on your card.
  • Glue a button to the center of each paper flower.
  • Very carefully draw the stem & leaves for each flower coming together in the center.
  • Stick the clear quote sticker on the card
  • Glue the little ribbon bow over the intersection of where the flower stems come together.
  • Let dry completely

Looking for creative button crafts? If you need crafts to do with buttons, make this easy spring flower card using buttons today.

You can be creative with the supplies that you use. If you are good at drawing, you can draw the flower petals instead of using paper flowers.

I found the flowers easier to use. This card can be personalized with any quote depending on the person you are sending it to.

You can also simply write Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary and use the card for any holiday.

Here’s another fun craft to do with buttons. What other creative button crafts do you enjoy?

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    • I thought about doing it that way, Jamie, but I didn't have matching ribbon so I took the easy way out LOL :)

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