Best Money Saving Tips For Baby

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The best money saving tips for baby aren’t difficult to incorporate in your lifestyle. You don’t need to make drastic changes to your lifestyle or come up with an extra six hours a week to take advantage of them.  These are simple changes that even a busy mom can make today. I’m sharing my best money saving tips from when my children were babies and they will work just as well for you today or next year as they did for me.

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Best money saving tips for baby

Best money saving tips for baby

  1. Don’t be afraid to buy second hand. There is nothing wrong with buying clothes from tag sales, taking hand me down toys from a friend or relative, or buying a high chair from a consignment store.  Check for recalls and make sure that the item you buy is up to current safety standards and you’ll be fine. Your child will not know if they’re wearing the same pair of jeans their cousin did and they won’t care.
  2. Buy furniture that serves more than one purpose.  Do you need a changing table and a dresser or would a changing table with a built in dresser work just as well? Some high chairs can convert to booster seats after your child outgrows it.
  3. Consider making some of your baby food. It’s quite possible to make your own mashed carrots, applesauce, or pureed bananas.
  4. Don’t go crazy on the toys. Your baby or toddler does not need every light up, talking, walking, spinning, or computerized toy on the market.  Let them learn to entertain themselves with a few simple toys.
  5. Buy gender neutral items if you plan to have another child.  While a room full of pink or blue bedding, high chairs, strollers, car seats, etc. may appeal to you, you won’t be able to easily use it for the next child if they are a different gender.  Pick pastel green or yellow instead and use the same for both children.
  6. Join a baby sitting coop or swap baby sitting with a friend or relative. No need to pay for a babysitter.  You watch your friend’s child when they go out and in turn, they will return the favor for you.
  7. Ask for practical gifts. There is nothing wrong with asking for baby wipes, baby shampoo, baby powder, or diapers for baby’s birthday.
  8. Buy what you need but not necessarily everything you want.  Do you need a baby wipe warmer? Could you do without a suction cupped serving dish for baby? Consider what your real necessities are.
  9. Borrow books, toys, and movies from your local library. Your child will be delighted with a never ending supply of different things.
  10. Take advantage of sales, coupons, and special deals whenever possible.  There are things you’ll need to buy and it only makes sense to take advantage of deals and coupons whenever you possibly can on those items.

Best money saving tips for baby

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7 thoughts on “Best Money Saving Tips For Baby”

  1. Babies need so little really. It's really the parents who go a bit overboard and buy designer clothes and expensive toys. I wish I bought second hand from the beginning, we spent way too much on our littles, which is what got us in trouble! 
  2. In my life management class in high school my teacher said that babies cost about $800 a month. I'm sure it was partially a scare tactic (which worked on some), but that didn't stop me from wanting a family of my own. With breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and utilizing all the tips above I barely NEEDED to spend anywhere near that amount on my first daughter. And we were quite frivolous with her, buying her tiny unnecessary dresses and too many toys. Now that I'm on number two I'm not the least bit worried.
  3. we had no choice but to save money when we had babies because we were broke :) Secondhand, sales, and frugality are great ways to raise babies.... they really don' t need much when they are little!
  4. I wish someone would have posted these helpful tips when I had "a baby". I bought a special box of pampers when she was little that included some of the products mentioned right inside the box, it was a nice little extra perk. But I got that box from BJ's. Now that I am older and have learned some things, I still use some of the tips you've mentioned to save the big bucks for my family.
  5. Great tips. The one about buying second hand is great. Most new moms don't realize how fast babies grow and how how much they stain their clothes.

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