Simon Pearce Glass Blowing

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Have you visited Simon Pearce Glass Blowing? Learn more about this Queeche VT glass blowing attraction and what you’ll see there.

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Simon Pearce Glass Blowing Quechee Vermont

Simon Pearce Glass Blowing

I’ll be heading to Simon Pearce Glass Blowing in Queeche, Vermont to visit their showroom. I’ve decided to step back a bit from the craziness this year and slow down.

I’m putting more thought into the gifts I buy and the commitments I accept. I want to be more relaxed this Christmas and able to really enjoy the season and, for me, that means slowing down.

I’ll be making some of the gifts I give this year and shopping at local merchants for as many others as possible.

Where is Simon Pearce Glass made?

Their headquarters are in Windsor Vermont. However, they have another location in Mountain Lake Park, Maryland. I went to their Queeche Vermont store to see them work.

Simon Pearce, the maker of handcrafted, American-made glassware and pottery is hosting a complimentary glass and wood signing with Simon and Andrew Pearce at the Quechee store! This is a chance to meet Simon and Andrew and have them sign your very own handmade glass piece or hand-turned wooden bowl.

Is Andrew Pearce related to Simon Pearce?

In addition to Andrew, Simon’s oldest son, Adam and Kevin Pearce will also be in attendance at this event. Kevin, well known for his nearly fatal snowboarding accident in 2009, co-founded the LoveYourBrain Foundation with Adam to help improve the quality of life for people affected by traumatic brain injuries.

For nearly 40 years, Simon Pearce has remained true to his dream of creating handcrafted glass using age-old techniques and the finest raw materials. This supportive and creative environment became a part of the Pearce family tradition as Andrew launched his own creative endeavor – hand-turned wooden bowls.

Simon Pearce Glass Blowing Queeche Vermont
CREDIT: Photo used with permission of Simon Pearce

Pre-ordering is encouraged for the best selection. Call (802) 295-2711 or email to place a pre-order. I hope to see a few of my local readers there!

WHEN: Saturday, November 28th, 11AM-3PM
WHERE: Simon Pearce, 1760 Quechee Main St, Quechee, VT (802) 295-2711

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  1. I had 3 semesters of this in college in Nebraska- literally fascinating- seems like a vanishing art- good to see it kept going
  2. This is a fascinating process, I have seen this done at fairs.. But never this intricate, this would be wonderful to see in person. 
  3. I took a crack at hand glass blowing earlier this year. It was the first time that I'd ever tried it. Hope you have fun.
  4. I remember visiting glass blowing demonstrations on vacation as a kid and still could spend hours looking at all the intricate masterpieces they create. I especially love the little animals with all their details. What a great event--I hope you post some pics when you get time, so we can see how much fun you had! Here, here for slowing down this season. I'm not even participating in Black Friday this year!

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