Keeping Your Family Safe on the Road With These Tips

Check out these tips for keeping your family safe on the road! Now that summer is here, lots of people are hitting the highways for their summer vacation. Whether that means a day trip to the local beach or a cross-country drive, road trip safety should be a top concern! Keeping Your Family Safe on […]

Best Staycation Ideas for a Lower Carbon Footprint

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Nature Conservancy. All opinions are 100% mine. If you feel a vacation calling your name, check out the best staycation ideas for a lower carbon footprint thanks to The Nature Conservancy. Now that the holidays are over, many people start thinking about taking a […]

Taconic Mountain Ramble Hike in Hubbardton Vermont

Lately, I have been working far too many hours so when my son asked me to hike the Taconic Mountain Ramble with him, I agreed. I enjoy hiking although most of my hiking is more like walking with some rocks and bridges to cross. Both of the kids have hiked the Ramble before but I […]

Stress-Free Travel Tips for Busy Women and Their Families

If you have a trip scheduled for the holidays, these stress-free travel trips will help make the process a little bit less hectic. I’m not a big fan of travel because it disrupts my routine. But, there are times when you need to travel for business or just to see friends and family. Stress-Free Travel […]

How to Have a More Eco-Friendly Vacation This Year

Wondering how to have a more eco-friendly vacation? We don’t tend to take all that many trips that require traveling. Most of our vacations involve short day trips in our area seeing local sites.  Every now and then I have to travel for business but in those cases, the traveling arrangements are generally handled by […]

Hilton Burlington for Vermont Family Travel

If you’re looking for Vermont family travel destinations, you’ll want to look at the Hilton Burlington. Burlington is the largest city in Vermont and there are many different family attractions and activities you can enjoy in the area. Thank you to the Hilton Burlington for paying for my accommodations so I could enjoy the area. […]

My Favorite Summer Restaurant Spot

I am participating in a VIN campaign. This is a sponsored post by AARP® Credit Card from Chase. The content and opinions expressed below are my own. I am in no way affiliated with AARP® Credit Card from Chase and do not earn a commission or percent of sales. Marty and I don’t go out […]

How to Pack Light While Traveling Prepared

Learning how to pack light while traveling is a must when you have arthritis or any other health challenge you’re managing. Since my arthritis is in my shoulder and elbow, carrying heavy carry-on bags just isn’t possible. I need to minimize what I bring along with me, but I also need to make sure that […]

5 Important Reasons to Visit a Farm in Vermont

If you’re interested in rural living, I hope you have the chance to visit a farm in Vermont. When I was first married, I spent several years living on a dairy farm. I got to bottle feed the calves and muck out the cow stalls. While I wouldn’t say it was all fun and games, […]

Simon Pearce Glass Blowing

I’ll be heading to Simon Pearce Glass Blowing in Queeche, Vermont to visit their showroom. I’ve decided to step back a bit from the craziness this year and slow down. I’m putting more thought into the gifts I buy and the commitments I accept. I want to be more relaxed this Christmas and able to […]