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I love day trips. They’re easy to fit into my busy schedule but still give me a needed break from my daily routine. My Mom and I recently visited the Vermont Marble Museum because the local garden club was holding a flower show there.  We took an afternoon to enjoy the beautiful floral displays and check out what the Vermont Marble Museum had to offer.

Vermont Marble Museum

Vermont Marble Museum

The Vermont Marble Museum is located on 52 Main Street in Proctor, Vermont. It’s only a few minutes from Rutland, Vermont which means it’s about a half an hour drive from my home. The Vermont Marble Museum has a gift shop and a seasonal cafe.  It was pouring when we visited but during nicer weather, there are also gardens you can walk through.

Vermont Marble Museum

Man and Woman from Dante’s Inferno

The Vermont Marble Museum has a variety of different exhibits including historical exhibits, geological displays and art galleries.  We wandered through the Vermont Mable Museum since neither of us had been there before. There is a theater where we watched a movie about the history of the Vermont Marble Company and its immigrant work force in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Vermont Marble Museum

For those that enjoy the history of our country, you will definitely want to visit the Hall of Presidents where each past US President has been hand carved in bas-relief of Vermont Danby White and Vermont Statuary White marble.  I also learned that Vermont Marble Workers quarried 56 ton blocks and carved it into the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier i 1931. It was then shipped to Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC.

There are also many historical photographs showing the story of marble and quarrying techniques. The “Our Earth Alive” exhibit shows the evolution of the planet and the formation of geological phenomena with displays and 160 foot long mural. You can even see “Raymond” the Triceratops and fluorescent minerals in their cave.

Vermont Marble Museum

The Plaster Model Gallery has original plaster models that were created by artists of Vermont Marble Company and used as part of the sculpting process.  Make sure you visit the Marble Chapel that was built in 1934. It has many varieties of Vermont marble that are no longer quarried. The Last Supper bas-relief was carved by Italian sculptor, F Tonelli in Proctor in the 1950s. Replicas of The Last Supper were commissioned by Churches all over the United States.

If you’re in Central Vermont, I really think you’ll enjoy the Vermont Marble Museum. I learned a lot about the history of marble in our state and had a really enjoyable afternoon.

Vermont Marble Museum, Proctor Vermont

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  1. Amber Edwards says
    Wow, they can really do some amazing things with Marble! What a fun museum to discover!
  2. Andrea Kruse says
    Just beautiful! I am a big fan of marble. It is such a classy medium. I didn't realize it was quarried in Vermont. I have to sy I am just fascinated by museums like that.
  3. Those statues are so beautiful!  WE don't have anything like this near where I live but it's right in line with the types of things that I love to do!  I will definitely visit if I am ever in the area!
  4. Myrah - Coupon Mamacita says
    We love marble and own some pieces of when we traveled to Greece.  Never knew there was a museum in Vermont. We are headed that way this summer, might just make a stop!
  5. I honestly would love to visit there. I have a fascination with stone, granite, marble, etc. and this would be very cool to see.
    • Ellen Christian says
      I bet you'd enjoy this. There is a granite quarry around here somewhere too. It's on my list of places to visit.
  6. What an interesting museum! We don't live near Vermont but if we ever travel that way we will have to check it out.
  7. Nicole Dziedzic says
    Impressive exhibits here! We love going to Museums as a family, something we do a lot during the summer, always interesting to learn something new.
  8. shelly peterson says
    Wow what a neat place to visit! I would love to visit a place like this.
  9. OMG!  How amazing that such beautiful pieces of art can be made from such a material.  I have never heard of a marble museum, but I would love to visit one.  I'm always amazed by sculptures of the ancient world that are still with us. So wonderful.
  10. Nataile Brown says
    Such a lovely place to visit! I'd love to walk their gardens too. The marble statues and installations are beautiful. Thank-you for sharing this intriguing museum. :)
  11. Karen Glatt says
    Marble is so gorgeous and to see it in a museum is the best! I would love to see the Vermont Marble museum someday. I do not have one like this in my town!

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