How to Declutter Your Home and Keep it That Way

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Are you wondering how to declutter your home and keep it that way? I have always had a huge problem with clutter. No, I’m not talking clutter like an episode of Hoarders.  I had too much stuff.  I had piles of stuff. I had stacks of things. I had bins of things. I tried to organize my stuff which just got me more collections of things. My clutter wasn’t things that needed to be thrown away. I didn’t hold onto magazines, newspapers or empty pizza boxes.  My stuff was stuff I “need”. Or was it? Over the past year, I have been working on deciding what I wanted to keep and what needed to go. 

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How to Declutter Your Home and Keep it That Way

You may struggle with some of the same problems I had.  If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, it may be time for you to start addressing the clutter in your home.

  • Aunt Suzy gives you that nicknack for Christmas so you feel you need to hold onto it because it was a gift. You don’t necessarily like it. You don’t enjoy dusting around it.
  • You may have gone through a period of couponing that means you now have 85 tubes of toothpaste. Of course, you don’t have room to store 85 tubes of toothpaste in your hall closet, so it becomes clutter.
  • Maybe you’re an avid crafter or love to read, and your hobby has now turned what was your bedroom into a storage room for your supplies.
  • You might have a blog that means you get sent products to review. You don’t want them any longer, or the color wasn’t quite right for your complexion, but it’s perfectly good so you feel you should hold onto it.

I’m sharing two methods of decluttering with you today. My home is almost completely decluttered at this point. I have only a few boxes of photographs and memorabilia to go through. A decluttered home is possible, and it’s worth the effort. I feel much less overwhelmed by my stuff now that my home is decluttered.

How to declutter your home and keep it that way

  • KonMari Method – Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant who has taken the decluttering world by storm. Her books are on the bestseller list in several countries. Her method involves going through every item in your home by category and keeping only what brings you joy. You take entire categories of items (i.e., all the clothes in your home) and deal with them in one day. Depending on the level of clutter in your home, this could take a few weeks or a few months. She recommends that it be done quickly and in large chunks, so you end up with a decluttered home rather than having the process take years to complete.
  • Step-by-Step Decluttering – For those that are overwhelmed by the thought of doing entire categories at home, Step-by-Step Decluttering is an eBook that will allow you to declutter your home in smaller pieces. The eBook includes helpful worksheets to get you started and keep you motivated.

If you’re wondering how to declutter your home and keep it that way, I hope that one of these methods will work for you. It’s time to get started.

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10 thoughts on “How to Declutter Your Home and Keep it That Way”

  1. I have the same problem at my house. We've been working on it since the first of the year, but it's been put on the back burner lately. Thanks for the reminder that we need to do more!
  2. ohhhh, I so have this problem too! Too much stuff! I have stuff, my kids have stuff, the hubs has's everywhere! I've done major cleaning out and giving away, and still...there is clutter!
  3. We basically live out of bins and totes! UGH! With 3 kids in the house it just seems like the clutter keeps getting worse and worse! I have inspiration now!
  4. I have the SAME problems! Bins, totes, drawers, corners - I toss stuff everywhere and so dread digging through it but I have to get it done.
  5. It looks like you are making great progress! I have had clutter tendencies since I was young. I used to have shoe boxes all lined up throughout my bedroom.
  6. Are you reading my mind or do you have a secret spot in my house? I am the worst when it comes to "clutter" especially if someone gives me something. I feel like I have to keep it but I don't really want it. My son's school papers are going to eat me alive, I think I need a handheld scanner to scan some important ones to show his progress and throw the rest away.

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