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One of the areas of my home I have not yet tackled is my teenage son’s bedroom.  I’m honestly not looking forward to it.  My son is a collector.  He collects lots of different things from Pokemon trading cards to WWE wrestling magazines. Unfortunately, he tends to be a very messy collector. Most of his collections are stacked on the floor, the bookcase, the bureau or scattered around his room.  That gives his room a constantly cluttered and messy look.

Home organization tips for teens

Home Organization Tips For Teens

I have been giving a lot of thought about home organization tips for teens.  The process of organizing a teenager’s room isn’t the same as organizing a younger child’s room. It’s not quite the same as organizing your own room either.  With my son’s ADHD, letting him organize his own room isn’t really possible. I’m not willing to let it stay the same level of messy it is either.

  • Respect their stuff.  While you can be pretty certain the candy wrapper is garbage, that little scrap of paper on the ground may have vitally important information on it. When in doubt, set it aside and ask.
  • Choose organizational aids for their age. Primary color buckets and bins may have worked well when they were five but they probably won’t be impressed with them now.
  • Use labels or invest in containers with clear fronts. A box that no one can see inside probably won’t be as easy to use as one that you can see through at a glance.
  • Add a pegboard to hold notes and numbers. If your teen tends to keep lots of different scraps of paper, give them a pegboard or memo board to pin them to.
  • Ask their input. At their age, they should have input into a system that would work well for them.  Ask them what type of organizational products would help them the most.

Home organization tips for teens

Home organization tips for teens

Cleaning my son’s room is the one part of spring cleaning that I really don’t look forward to. Thankfully, I am participating in the Fellowes Bankers Box Stackable Storage Ambassador Program this year.  I’m going to use Fellowes Bankers Box Stackable Storage boxes to help me spring clean the clutter in his room. I was sent a variety of different types and sizes of Bankers Boxes to help me in this challenge.

If you have clutter in your home to deal with, enter the Fellowes Bankers Box “Messiest Closet” Contest where you can enter to win a consultation with a professional organizer from the National Association of Professional Organizers and receive up to $500 in free Bankers Box Stackable Storage products.  Five second place winners will also win $500 worth of products.

I’ll be back with another post that will show you my “after” photos as I go through the process of decluttering his room using some of these home organization tips.  In the mean time, take a look at the Fellowes Bankers Box Home Organization website for ideas on how you can organize your home. Enter to win this giveaway for a set of Fellowes Bankers Boxes so you can get organized:

If you are working on decluttering and organizing your home, I highly recommend the e-course, Decluttering Made Easy.

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  1. Patty Hancock says
    I have a teenage son too. He has college clutter all over. He is pretty disorganized and uses my living room as a scatter junk room. I really need to organize his messes. Better yet, I need him to organize them.
  2. My own room. I have so much stuff and no storage space.
  3. This is great information to help me get focused and started on my tween son's room!!! He's a super messy collector! And he loves art so between video games and books - I've, also, got to deal with the many different artist items he has - markers, magazines, scraps of cloth, the list is endless!
  4. My teenage son could use some organizational help...a LOt of it!
  5. My daughter's room is a mess.
  6. Teens, my, my. Seems like an eternity away for me, but I know that time in my kids' lives will be here in no time. Great tips for keeping them organized!
  7. OUr basement needs some serious work!
  8. Tiffany Cruz says
    There is nothing that gives me more joy than to toss out clutter. I hate clutter. Clutter weights me down. I do need to get a new labeler though. I like everything to have its own place in the closet and to be neatly labeled. 
  9. Ann Fantom says
    My daughter's playroom desperately needs to be organized
  10. Need to use it for papers
  11. I need to organize my downstairs guestroom closets...yikes!
  12. Sylvia Zajis says
    My craft space/bedroom/home office....yes, I am using my bedroom for all 3 of these spaces!  To say the least I have stuff from ceiling to floor and all over the place.  It makes it so hard to get to what I want and keep track of what I already have.  Please help, I could use these boxes so bad!
  13. Keely Hostetter says
    Our bills/papers, we have way too many piles
  14. Our master bedroom closet needs a lot of attention!
  15. MONICA MEZA says
    My room, I just have everything everywhere and too many art supplies.
  16. Lauren Rochon says
    My bedroom needs to be more organized.
  17. This is on my son's reading list when he gets home from school today!
  18. Miriam T. says
    My kitchen cupboards definitely need some organization. Along with my "blog pile", LOL.
  19. golden storm says
    my craft room and bedroom
  20. carol roberts says
    my sons room every where he goes he makes the most messiest i have no idea why i pretty much keep things straight i have no idea where he gets it from except hes just a kid but o my goodness i will clean and before i turn around and im not fibing he has destroyed it i fell to my kness and i just broke down one day and he was so sad then i felt bad but yes his room needs it way worse than any room i can think of
  21. My bedroom
  22. My bedroom definately. Just so much stuff and not enough places for it. More of it could go in my closet with these.
  23. Our living room desperately needs organizing! Right now, there are piles of magazines, piles of cookbooks, piles of mail, piles of piles....
  24. My home office could use some organizational help.
  25. The cleaning closet needs some more organization!!
  26. Definitely my pantry and my closet!
  27. My bedroom! :-)
  28. My Husband is a hoarder so basically anywhere in the home he has been ;). I think I would start with his home office area
  29. Laura Jacobson says
    Oh our office/computer room for sure!
  30. Darlene S says
    my daughters' closets and my craft closet, definitely!
  31. Maryann D. says
    All of the closets in our home needs organization.
  32. My desk/office area!
  33. Trying to get organized, but could definitely use some help. Every room has some area that needs tweaking.
  34. my home office needs organizing
  35. Austin Baroudi says
    My living room closet! Everything that's out of place or just laying around has at some point been jammed in there and it's a complete mess!
  36. Laurel @Let's Go on a Picnic! says
    My kid's bedroom is the messiest.
  37. I have a storage room where everyone "stores" excess stuff by dumping it in there. It desperately needs to be organized!
  38. My son's room is always disorganized....these boxes would help to get that under control. :-) Thank you.
  39. My laundry room.
  40. Both of my kids.... for my daughter, it's WAY to many clothes with no place to put them. I have to weed out her clothes when she's not home. My son just hates to clean and it shows!
  41. Amanda Kinder says
    My bedroom definitely needs organization.
  42. Vikki Billings says
    My office needs the most organizing
  43. My girls' rooms or the entryway are definitely two areas that could use organizing. Thanks so much for hosting this great giveaway!furygirl3132[at]comcast[dot]net


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