Sensory Strips to Manage Anxiety

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Check out my thoughts on using sensory strips to manage anxiety and deal with stress. Find out more about sensory adhesives and how they work.

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a woman in bed with her hands over her face struggling with anxiety

Why Sensory Strips?

With everything that’s going on in the world today, it seems like anxiety is something that many people have to deal with. I’ve been trying to figure out how to deal with anxiety naturally.

Sometimes, it can be as simple as managing your environment. I have found that minimalism helps with anxiety, at least for me. But, I need other options for when I’m not at home.

So, stress and anxiety aren’t quite the same things but they are related for many people. Stress is when you are overwhelmed or not able to handle pressure from outside influences.

Anxiety is a natural result of being stressed. But, people who suffer from anxiety often have situations where these feelings start to interfere with their day-to-day routines. 

Other symptoms may include fidgeting, fast heart rate, fatigue, and even feeling restless. 

Being able to manage your feelings or occupy your mind with other tasks before you reach that level of anxiety is important.

a woman holding three colorful textured pieces of vinyl

What are sensory strips?

Sensory strips like Calm Strips are important aids that can help people who struggle with stress and anxiety to control their feelings. They can help regulate fidgeting and reduce feelings of restlessness.

Touch is one of the best ways to manage anxiety. And, sensory adhesives can help to reduce behaviors like hair pulling or other repetitive motions.

Basically, Calm Strips are durable pieces of vinyl with a textured surface. They can be applied to any number of surfaces from your cell phone to your desk at work. Or, for kids at school, you can add one to your binder. 

They are small and discrete which makes them an ideal way to manage anxiety at work. If you want sensory strips for your desk, you can simply place one beside your mousepad or near your workstation. 

a reusable sensory adhesive strip

Are calm strips removable?

Yes, you can peel them off and use them on a different surface if you want to. I tried them on wood and plastic and had no issues with any residue left behind. I’ve found that they can be reused several times without any problems at all.

What do you do with calm strips?

When you’re feeling anxious or you have the urge to fidget and need to focus, simply allow your finger to rest lightly on one of the sensory strips and rub it back and forth. You’d be surprised how soothing this is when your thoughts are racing.

a pack of sensory strips with a calm strip on a black mouse

One of the reasons that I love these so much is that they can be used in a variety of ways. You can add one to your coffee mug or your cell phone. Bring it with you when you’re out in public or in that meeting at work. 

Relax at night with a cup of tea and place one on the cover of your favorite book. Just having that surface to touch is very calming. This is my routine:

  • Get comfortable.
  • Put on soft music or listen to silence if you prefer.
  • Close your eyes or turn off the lights.
  • Hold the object with your Calm Strip on it.
  • Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Slow your thoughts and feel the texture of the sensory adhesive as you breathe.

I have been using this routine at night to calm down before bed. It helps to get rid of some of those repetitive thoughts that often get in the way of falling asleep. 

a woman holding colorful sensory adhesive strips

Check out Calm Strips Sensory Strips

I love that the sensory strips from Calm Strips come in a variety of different designs. There is really something for everyone. And, you can find them in several different shapes as well so they fit wherever you need them to.

And, the strips come in colorful envelopes with inspiring quotes which is really a nice touch. Buy Calm Strips Sensory Adhesives to see how they work to help manage your anxiety. Calm Strips are sold in packs of five starting at $12.49. 

You can even turn your Calm Strips into Carry Tags with their special aluminum carry tag. Find out more.

Check out my thoughts on using sensory strips to manage anxiety and deal with stress. Find out more about sensory adhesives and how they work.

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