How Journal Writing for Stress Relief Helps Me Manage

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Have you ever tried journal writing for stress relief? I’ve been working on managing my stress level lately. I’m sure that’s probably something most of you can understand. It’s not that I have a super stressful life. I just juggle a lot of different things and some days it gets to be a bit too much.  This post has been sponsored. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Journal writing for stress relief and anxiety

Journal Writing for Stress Relief

I’m not a creative person. When I make something, it’s to fill a need or solve a problem. When I write something, it’s to tell a story or answer a question. Journal writing for stress relief is a bit different than the way I usually write. Journaling can help you deal with stress and manage anxiety because it helps you sort out your thoughts and emotions.  Journal writing can also help you figure out your thoughts before you verbally express them. It also gives you a way to look back on our anxiety over time and try to figure out what causes your anxiety and how you can manage it best.

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If you want to get started journal writing for stress relief, you can create a Stress Relief Journal. It’s a relatively straightforward process. I found a cute lined journal in happy colors, but you could write in a notebook or a planner if you prefer. It’s the actual act of putting your feelings onto paper that’s helpful.
Journal writing for stress relief and anxiety

Tips for making it work

Find a quiet, comfortable spot where you won’t be disturbed. Try to make it a happy place that’s peaceful and relaxing. You can light a candle if that helps and make a cup of chamomile tea. I find that an open window and colorful plant bring my spirits up.

If you find it helpful, you can write in your journal at the same time each week. If you want less structure, you can journal when you’re feeling most anxious or stressed. You can date the page if you wish to keep track of when each entry happened. When starting to write, don’t be concerned with grammar or punctuation, just write. To make it easy to refer to past entries, watch your handwriting. You need to be able to read what you wrote.

There is no set way to begin journal writing for stress relief. Just put your emotions down on paper. Write your thoughts, feelings, worries, and questions. Journal writing for stress relief doesn’t have to be only negative stress. A new baby or promotion at work are beautiful things that can also cause you stress. The important thing is to record your thoughts and then refer to previous entries to determine what methods of stress relief work best for you.

My thoughts:

I’m finding that journal writing for stress relief is working well for me. There’s something about handwriting in a journal that typing just doesn’t offer. It’s more personal and more creative to me.  Just seeing the words on paper gives me a sense of relief.  I try to journal regularly although I don’t manage to write every day.  I write at night and find that a candle and chamomile tea help me relax and sort out my thoughts. If you write in the morning, a cup of coffee may work better.

If you’re considering journal writing for stress relief, give yourself a few weeks. Grab a pen, get comfortable with the process, relax and see if it’s right for you.

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14 thoughts on “How Journal Writing for Stress Relief Helps Me Manage”

  1. I have tried writing in a journal several times but I always tried to do it while multi-tasking...which sounds stupid I know.  I like the idea of setting a specific time and using a relaxation cd or some aromatherapy to relax me.  I will try that
  2. my therapist told me I should keep a journal or write a book but, I have so much to do each day Im to tired when I get done.
  3. Yes, I can honestly say stress writing is great! It doesn't matter how small a situation is or how big it is, writing it out helps. Holding those feelings inside isn't good for your body. Writing it out may even help you to prevent stress related activities from happening again. 
  4. I have never been good at writing in journals. I have been told that it is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety, but for me, music and meditating work best.
  5. I actually really like coloring and drawing to relieve stress. I have an art journal that I turn to when I am feeling frazzled.
  6. When I am really stressed I find that music helps a lot. I wouldn't say I wouldn't journal for stress, but it would likely be online as I type faster than I write and the words flow more quickly that way.
  7. I also find it a stress relief to write in a journal. Every night, I try to write down 5 positive things that happened that day. That way I can see that the day wasn't all bad, that there was some good in it, and just focus on that.

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