Propolis Benefits for Healthy Oral Care

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Have you heard about propolis benefits and how they can be a part of your oral care routine? I’ll admit that for years I didn’t give my oral care the attention that I should have. Now, at 51, I wish that I had started paying attention to it years ago. I’m determined to start taking better care of my teeth and gums now and have set up an oral care routine that I hope will help.

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Propolis Benefits for Healthy Oral Care and Inflammation

Propolis Benefits for Healthy Oral Care

I never really paid attention to the oral care products I used. I picked up whatever product was on sale at the store at the time I was shopping. And, I used them when I remembered and hoped that was enough. Now that I’m trying to prioritize oral care, I’ve been doing a little bit of research on the benefits of different products for oral care. I’ll admit that when I heard about propolis benefits, the only thing that came to mind was that it had something to do with bees.

So, before we go any further, what exactly is propolis? Propolis does come from bees. It is basically a mixture of beeswax, saliva, sap, and different botanical products found in the area that the bees live. I was very surprised to learn that there are a number of different propolis benefits for our health.

Propolis Benefits for Healthy Oral Care and Inflammation

Propolis benefits for hair

In a variety of studies, propolis has shown to be beneficial for hair growth. Look for shampoos that contain propolis to see if they can help you with hair loss and vitality. And, Propolis also has anti-inflammatory benefits that may help with conditions that lead to hair loss.

Propolis Benefits for Healthy Oral Care and Inflammation

Propolis benefits for skin

Propolis has healing and antiseptic properties so it is often used to promote healthy skin and heal a variety of skin rashes. It also helps to encourage new skin growth and to clean your pores. There are many beeswax skin care products that also contain propolis.

Propolis benefits for healthy oral care

Propolis can help with anti-inflammatory problems including things like gum disease and mouth ulcers. Bee propolis has also been found to help fight plaque which can, in turn, help prevent cavities. It has even been shown to resist Streptococcus mutans, the main bacteria behind tooth decay.

Propolis Benefits for Healthy Oral Care and Inflammation

How to take propolis for oral care

One of the easiest ways to take propolis for oral care is by using a mouthwash like Propolinse Alcohol-Free Mouthwash. Propolinse Mouthwash is formulated from Propolis Extract and Xylitol to naturalize odor from germs that cause bad breath and leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh. Propolinse softens and cleans the tartar on your teeth by decomposing the oral bacteria. Plus, this mouthwash is alcohol-free and fluoride free which are concerns for many people.

In addition to using it for everyday oral care, propolis gargles and mouthwashes have often been used to help sore throats, canker sores, and other mouth irritations. Check out the before and after photos.

Propolis Benefits for Healthy Oral Care and Inflammation

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  1. I am starting to have problems with my teeth and also wish I had taken better care of my teeth when i was younger. Thank you for sharing.

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