4 Easy Home Improvement Projects You Can Do Today

Are you wondering what types of easy home improvement projects you can tackle on your own? Don’t get me wrong, we use contractors when we need to. I have no interest in playing with electricity or messing up our plumbing. But, there are times when I feel confident enough to tackle a few smaller home repairs on my own. Being the owner of an older home means that there is almost always some sort of repair project that needs to be done.

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4 Easy Home Improvement Projects You Can Do Today

Easy Home Improvement Projects

So, what types of easy home improvement projects do I feel comfortable tackling on my own? As I mentioned, I stay away from electricity in plumbing. Although, in the past, I have installed a sensor light switch with my father and changed our kitchen faucet. That’s about as complicated as my DIY knowledge gets. Most of the time, I stick to doing easy do-it-yourself home improvements like fixing holes in the wall or making our home more energy efficient.

But, what other types of easy home improvement projects can you tackle this year?

4 Easy Home Improvement Projects You Can Do Today

Paint a Room Like a Pro

Summer is a great time to paint both inside and out, as warmer temperatures can help speed drying time and you can leave windows open to keep fumes at a minimum. For a professional look, repair cracks and holes in walls before reaching for the paintbrush. If you’ve ever wondered how long you need to wait before painting after repairing a wall, DAP DryDex Spackling Compound is your ideal match. The spackling goes on pink and turns white to indicate that it’s dry and ready to sand and paint.

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For problem areas around molding and trim, apply a bead of ALEX FLEX™ Premium Molding & Trim Sealant to seal cracks and gaps – 30 min. later, it’s ready to paint. Want to get rid of those stubborn reoccurring cracks? Reach for Alex Flex® Flexible Spackling, which provides maximum flexibility and moves with the repaired surface from changes in weather and humidity. It’s also easy to sand down to a smooth finish and paintable for a seamless repair.

4 Easy Home Improvement Projects You Can Do Today

Makeover Outdoor Furniture and Accessories

You may have survived the harsh winter months, but your wooden picnic table and outdoor furniture may not have been so lucky. Instead of replacing, use DAP Plastic Wood-X® All Purpose Wood Filler with DryDex Dry Time Indicator to rejuvenate wood surfaces and make them look new again. Its thick, knife-grade consistency spreads smoothly and evenly, which is perfect for vertical surfaces or to mold and sculpt corners. It goes on pink and dries natural so once dry, it can be stained or painted, and your outdoor furniture set will look good as new!

4 Easy Home Improvement Projects You Can Do Today

Refresh around windows and doors

Exterior sealants take a beating from the elements and can stain, fade, crack, chalk and break down over time. That’s not exactly the best backdrop for a summer barbeque. And, cracks and gaps between window frames and doors allow the hot summer air to creep inside. Give your windows and doors a refresh by applying new exterior sealant. New Dynaflex Ultra™ Advanced Exterior Sealant is easy to apply and is paint-ready in just an hour! Unlike other exterior sealants, Dynaflex utilizes DAP proprietary Weather Max technology™. It won’t fade, crack or yellow over time. That ensures it will both seal your home and look great for years to come.

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4 Easy Home Improvement Projects You Can Do Today

Repair Imperfections and surface damage

All building materials are susceptible to damage from Mother Nature, including composite or wood decks, metal doors, brick or concrete walkways, fences, garage doors and even resin furniture. Address surface damage issues like cracking, dents or small holes now to prevent them from becoming larger problems later on! If you’re dealing with damage on multiple types of building surfaces, save time and money by going with an exterior filler that’s proven to work with today’s most popular materials.

New Platinum Patch™ Advanced Exterior Filler adheres to both porous and non-porous materials, including metal, composite, PVC, fiber cement, wood, vinyl and more, making it ideal for those demanding exterior jobs – and with exclusive Weather Max Technology™, Platinum Patch promises superior performance and all-weather, waterproof protection.

Summer is the perfect time to tackle all of those easy home improvement projects you’ve been putting off all year. Once you’ve completed them, you can kick back and enjoy a relaxing evening grilling for friends and family.

4 Easy Home Improvement Projects You Can Do Today

You can find DAP products on their website, on Amazon or at retailers like Home Depot. One of my readers will win a Weber Kettle Grill and a selection of DAP products to tackle their own weekend home improvement projects.

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  1. Yalanda Woods says:
    I watch my husband do these interesting projects all the time, but as a rule he doesn't want me messing them up. He might be on to something but I'll never tell him that.
  2. My husband takes too long to do these projects, so I've learned to do them myself. I could use this to fix the outside dryer vent that looks like it is going to fall off. I get a certain satisfaction from finishing them anyways.

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